Impact of World War I on Gender and Social Relations

6 June 2017

Impact of World War I on Gender and Social Relations in Europe BY elektra0915 How did World War I change gender and social relations In Europe? The consequence of the first world war not only Impact on the soldiers In the military, but also greatly changed the societies of the European countries. As a result, the victor countries from this “total war” preserved their governmental system and social order, and also become stronger; while the defeated nations suffer a lot from the war especially by the treaties signed after the war. The war has ultimately changed the traditional way of living and also the idea of gender.

Mainly because of nationalism, Join the army was considered as a heroic thing to do for men. The government’s propagandas are everywhere to make people believe that it’s proud to Join the army. One of the photography from Britain shows a boy plays soldiers toy sitting on the ground, and a girl asks her daddy about war story from the book. The Influence of the propagandas Is great. Almost everyone Is proud of Join the military. While the men go to war, most works are left to the women at home. Traditionally, women were not allowed to be educated and work In the public. Women were mainly depend their lives on men.

Impact of World War I on Gender and Social Relations Essay Example

However, because of the war, massive weapons, supplies, and foods were required. Thus, women were encouraged to work in the factories and back up for the men in the front line. When women work in the factories, they get paid and they don’t have to depend on men to sustain their living. When women become more and more independent, they start asking for their own right. Women start to attend public schools to get educated. The first women college opened in Cambridge College. When women learn knowledge, they start thinking of Enlightenment about equality. They ask for voting right and begin the uffrage movement throughout the Europe.

The first voting right for women was finally granted In Finland. Not only gender changed In Europe, but also many revolutions take place In many European countries such as Russian, French and Britain. In France and Britain, the war brings a return to traditional forms self-conception. In Russia, the war led to a complete revolution in political and social relations; the tsar fell because of the difficulties brought on by the war. Germany and Austria-Hungary saw their monarchies come to an end. Because of the war, most countries experienced a hardship economic downturn.

In Russia, food shortage, declining in purchasing power, and less availability of goods finally lead to the rebellions. One major change is the abolish of serfdom. In Germany, the country signed an agreement of paying huge amount of money to the victor country. What the government do is to print a lot of money, thus lead to sever inflations in Germany. The war has both bad and good impacts on the societies of European countries. People died In the war and also died because of starvation after the war. The economy was depressed In some countries. However, the progress was also huge In ost countries especially in the women movement.

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