Impeachment of Samuel Chase

4 April 2015
An examination of the first impeachment in U.S. history – that of Samuel Chase in the 18th century.

This paper presents a detailed description of the impeachment of Samuel Chase. The writer provides an overview of what an impeachment is and how it is implemented. The writer takes the reader on an exploratory journey through the life of Samuel Chase and discusses the impeachment proceedings that he was subjected to. The writer ends the paper with the conclusion of the impeachment attempt.
“Mention the name Monica Lewinski and it brings immediate recognition. It is the name of the intern whom then president William Jefferson Clinton had an affair with. That affair and the disclosure of the affair led to a snowball of disaster for the president that ended in an impeachment. Mention the name Richard Nixon and it brings an immediate recognition of another former president who violated public trust. He was about to face impeachment proceedings when he resigned from the presidency.

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These are very famous cases but they are not the only cases of impeachment that have ever been heard in America. Many years ago, when the nation was still in its infancy there was another impeachment hearing. The impeachment proceedings of Samuel Chase occurred during the 18th century and provided a blueprint for future American proceedings.”

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