Impenetrable bookworm

6 June 2019

Let me share you something in just five paragraphs. I do believe that there are certain people who can do supernatural, and I am one of them. I have already done so many unbelievable things a normal kid would just be able to procure in their imagination, just by sitting down and twiddling my fingers. I have soared in the skies like a magnificent bird, swam the massive ocean and seas like the subtle fishes, and explored the vast universe like the adventurous nature’s soul does. I became a witch, a Greek goddess, and a vampire! And it didn’t require my inefficient energy that much.
My intellectual gateway to doing such peculiar things was when I noticed my brother and sister frequently skipping their meals and getting to be inattentive when I call their names. Curious, I ask them what makes them so out-of-this world that they stay in their bedrooms the whole day and just come out of their digs when my mother’s already getting pissed off them not doing their household duties. In unison, they held out thick, quirky, set of books with attracting covers and titles in glittery fonts gently screaming the words HARRY POTTER SERIES, by the infamous writer, J.K. Rowling. At first, I was hesitant. The idea of reading such heavy duty books was so foreign to me, it makes me sick. That time, I’d rather play with my sickly friend Jandi and get chased by the neighbors’ dogs instead of burying my nose in piles of books. But my siblings had their persuasive powers over my curious, childish personality: they told me the wonders of the protagonist Harry and then it came all of a sudden that I realize how addictive I could be in reading. Now I’m going to give you some details.

I have read tons of books. At the age of 8, I already finished the youthful and magical series of Harry Potter. During those times, I was a witch. I have made several customized books of spells and charms, along with their Latinized incantations and descriptions, references gotten from the cosmic reach of social media. I have watched all of its blockbuster movies in premieres, and every time I was asked what my favorite motto was, all I say was “Wit beyond measure is the man’s greatest treasure”, a famous quote from a famous witch of the world of Harry Potter. I also know the genealogy of the characters more than I know my own, which is kind of weird. Well after all, I am very sure I wasn’t the only kid in the world who had magical blood flowing in their veins made possible by the limitless and unbounded powers of imagination.

Impenetrable bookworm Essay Example

I also became of the Greeks, courtesy of the great writer Rick Riordian, and his best-selling art piece Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief series. I know all sorts of Greek Gods and Goddesses and their very human-like behaviors and acts evidently reflected in their prominent and eternal mythologies. I also witnessed the struggles of the brave and bold Katniss Everdeen, who made her life at stake by defying the capitol and sacrificing as tribute to participate in the annual Hunger Games in place of her sister, Primrose. And most of all, I have experienced being irrevocably in love, with Robert Pattinson as the gorgeous, vampire Edward Cullen, an epitome of beauty! Those were the days when I was really getting so like my sister and brother, like I often ignore my meals, sleep so late, and worst, cut my first subjects in my high school classes!

If I’m going just to enumerate all, I would run out of words. But to end this five-paragraph essay in the usual way, my perspective to reading. I’d love to say that reading takes me to places that are so unique to this world. Besides the fact that it enriches my academic knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, proper English usage, it also enhances the way I think and look into things in the surroundings in critical ways. I became mature and immature at the same span of time. I enjoy the sight of unfamiliar words, and my childish, uncanny ways of looking their meanings in dictionaries, and deliberate and speak like a grown-up lady. Most of all, it becomes my scapegoat to reality when numerous problems chase me in this imperfect world.

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