The Department of Homeland Security (DASH) was formed Just 11 days after the attacks . The attacks on 9/11 put in motion of the forming of the DASH, but the attacks my Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City and the first attack on the world trade center didn’t cause a need for concern to form the DASH. These were all horrendous acts of terrorism, but it took the act of 9/1 1 to form the DASH.

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I think that you have to look at the nature and the timing f the attacks In Oklahoma City and the first world trade center bombing to really determine why the DASH was formed after the attacks. The united States never really had a large-scale attack on US soil except for the attack on Pearl Harbor. The attacks though Oklahoma City and the world trade center were horrible, but they weren’t on such a large scale as the 9/1 1 attacks. Timothy McVeigh and a small group of extremist came up with the idea to blow up the Alfred P.

Murray Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, because they incidents that happened two years earlier In Waco, Texas . Think that this attack didn’t cause a dramatic effect as 9/1 1 because the thought was that Mr.. McVeigh acted alone and he was an American so nobody thought that there was a need for a forming of an agency such as the Department of Homeland Security. This attack was still early in the terrorist threat in America. I think since he was an American no one thought much of it.

At first they did think it was connected to the first world trade center attack, but later it was determined that it as not. The first attack on the world trade center was an active of terrorism from someone who was not of American decent. This attack shocked the American people, because It was the first of Its kind since Pearl Harbor. The attack didn’t kill many people, but it did show what terrorist were capable of doing. I don’t think this attack broughton a drastic response such as the 9/1 1 attack because it was the first of its kind. No one really knew what was going on at the time.

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The idea of a terrorist attacking on united States soil was of no concern to the American people. This however wasa huge mistake. I think with all of the knowledge we have today about terrorism we could have stop the attacks In Oklahoma city and the first world trade center attack. I think the American people are more vigilant and aware of what is out there. Our first line of defense is the eyes of the onlookers before an attack. I also think with the recent discovery of technology in computers, and the USA Patriot Act to help fight terrorism.

The Patriot Act allows government officials use any resource necessary to find and spy on any suspected terrorist . We could have also tracked the individuals that were under suspicion when they first entered the united States. The This attack was done in such a huge scale and it killed so many people there had to be major changes done to the government. The American people would not allow this to ever happen again. This attack led to the forming of the Department of Homeland Security because once again we had no idea how it happened.

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