Implement marketing strategies and tactics

8 August 2016

In this report I would select McDonald’s Co. to review their marketing plan, and then determine their strategies and tactics that relate to the company’s stakeholders implementation roles. McDonald’s is known as one of the best-known brands worldwide, which has main aims to build its brand by listening to its customers. It also identifies the various stages in the marketing process. Branding develops a personality for an organisation, product or service. The brand image represents how consumers view the organisation. Branding only works when an organisation behaves and presents itself in a consistent way.

Marketing communication methods, such as advertising and promotion, are used to create the colours, designs and images, which give the brand its recognisable face. At McDonald’s this is represented by its familiar logo – the Golden Arches. Marketing involves identifying customer needs and requirements, and meeting these needs in a better way than competitors. In this way a company creates loyal customers. The starting point is to find out who potential customers are – not everyone will want what McDonald’s has to offer.

The people McDonald’s identifies as likely customers are known as key audiences. The stakeholders of McDonald may include as lists below. Crews and managers According to the marketing strategies of McDonald’s is to build a brand awareness by providing consistent levels of service and quality products, the employees may need to develop their work potential by attend to the training and development programs, including from food preparation to logistic and also the leadership skills. Human resources staff

Human resources staff recruits or arranges the training program for staff and also offer good career progression to meet the standard requirement of marketing plan implementation. The human resources staff has plans for a certification program which will govern how employees progress from the crew to the level of restaurant managers. Plans are also in place for a Workplace Skills Certificate. It would be given to crew members who have mastered a set of essential workplace skills, and thus provide a “walkable credential” to enable them to move onto another position within the consumer service industry.

Finance staff To implement the marketing plan that the human resources staff providing the training program for staff, the finance staff need to allocate the budget for them. The objective of the plan 1. Easy accessibility of product and services to the customer 2. Easy accessibility for providing essential services and value-added services 3. Easy complaint handling process. 4. Covering whole target market. Strategic objectives Strategically company’s main focus is to satisfy its customers by providing them the best of their services.

While from organizational point of view, expansion is main focus out of the McDonald’s as it is expanding its outlets throughout different countries of the world. Roles and Responsibilities Crewmember To deliver an exceptional customer experience every time, whilst following McDonald’s Values and adhering to company’s Policies and Procedures. The main responsibility as a Crew Member is to ensure that you are delivering the highest level of customer service, in a clean and safe environment. Restaurant Manager The manager will be responsible for every aspect of the restaurant’s performance. This includes managing all restaurant employees and their development, overseeing restaurant operations, meeting sales and profit targets and business planning. Performance measurement The customer relations manager at McDonalds is responsible for collecting the customer satisfaction information from the fast food, restaurant areas in order to access guest satisfaction information and take appropriate operational performance measures as well as impeding positive action for satisfaction performance.

The McDonalds manager may routinely circulate through the restaurant and the need to talk to their customers as they are receiving performance services at its best. This is perceived to be the most critical measure for operation performance at McDonalds placing in certain solution to customer problems and improving McDonald’s current level of satisfaction. The McDonalds managers believe that observing at the time of service and talking to the customers on real-time serves as crucial element of monitoring satisfaction level of McDonald’s customer.

McDonalds believe that great customer satisfaction as well as information is a valuable decision making tool as the McDonalds customer remains on the restaurant premises, encourages McDonalds employees and managers to be responsive and communicative with customers. Amiably, feedback from McDonald’s customers after their visit, such as fax and letters is also considered as an important indicator of guest satisfaction.

The real-time decision-making is implemented by McDonalds operating departments that have large degree of customer interface such as fast food services and the customer relations, as there is service delivery at McDonalds involving high degree of customer interface as McDonalds managers prefer to monitor customer satisfaction using ways of communication and observation by personal presence. As Fisher (1992, p.21), argue that setting standards for performance measures may impose conflicts with continuous improvement at McDonalds as he noted that, ‘if standards were not carefully set, they had the effect of setting norms rather than motivating satisfaction improvement” (p. 22). However, although McDonalds has wealth of services and products that can be measured and assessed, the most critical aspect is seen to be the overall impressiongained by the customers during their use of the place to dine and other reasons. McDonalds operational performance management are required to strike in strong balance between providing an overall customer satisfaction experience and operating in to several restaurant product and services and McDonalds will achieved the success in satisfaction measure through continuous observation and real time supply chain measures by McDonald heads.

The main effort of McDonald’s performance management and McDonald’s employees is to satisfy their customers on a real time basis (Fitzgerald and Moon, 1996) and essential for customer satisfaction measures at McDonalds to talk constantly to their loyal customers and receiving their reactions and responses are seen as key satisfaction measurement indicators, helpful in gaining an awareness of problems and possible complaints. Lists of marketing strategies used by McDonald’s Take a franchise model.

McDonald’s provides training and monitoring to each franchisee to ensure that all adhere to the value propositions offered to the customer. Provide product consistency. McDonald’s expects all franchisees to create a similar customer experience (service, products, facilities, etc. ) regardless of the location, time of day, or any other outside factor. Know your customers. McDonald’s spends millions of dollars each year on market research, studying customer segments, perceptions, and expectations

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