Implementation of Pizza Tracker by Dominos Essay Sample

9 September 2017

What kinds of systems are described in this instance? Identify and depict the concern processes each supports. Describe the inputs. procedures. and end products of these systems.


Domino’s proprietary described point-of-sale system. Pulse. which is an of import plus in keeping consistent and efficient direction maps in each of its eating houses. A point-of-sale system captures purchase and payment informations at a physical location where goods or services are bought and sold utilizing computing machines. machine-controlled hard currency registries. scanners. or other digital devices.

Domino’s implemented pulse in a big part of its shop. and those shops reported improved client service. reduced errors. and shorter preparation times. Since so. Pulse has become a basic of all Domino’s franchises.

Input signal: Customer orders that describe the type of pizza crust. pizza ingredients and toppings. side orders. and bringing location informations. They described their inputs as TPS. Pizza tracker and Pulse etc.

Procedures: Data updates the system’s database. The older package used a ’thick-client’ theoretical account. which required all machines utilizing the package to be to the full equipped personal computing machines running Windowss. Pulse development. on the other manus. uses ‘thin-client’ architecture in which networked workstations with small independent treating power collect informations and direct them over the cyberspace to powerful Lenovo PC’s for processing.

End product: The figure of pizza and side orders sold. cost Numberss for ingredients. bringing information. client information. Customers can tract their order of pizza by Domino’s tracker online service. Tracker displays a horizontal saloon that tracks an order’s advancement diagrammatically.

Question # 2:
How make these systems help Domino’s better its concern public presentation? Answer:

The map pulsation system performs at Domino’s franchises are taking and custom-making orders utilizing a touch-screen interface. keeping gross revenues figures. and roll uping client information. They prefer non to unwrap the specific dollar sums that it has saved from pulsation. but it’s clear from industry analysts that the engineering is working to cut costs and increase clients satisfaction.

Question # 3:
How did the online pizza telling system better the procedure of telling a Domino’s Pizza? Answer:

With pulse development. Dominos rolled out its state-of-the-art online telling system. which includes Pizza Tracker. The system allows clients to watch a stirred photographic version of these as they customize its size. sauces. and exceeding. The image alterations with each alteration a client makes. Then. one time client topographic points an order they are able to see its advancement online with pizza Tracker. Pizza Tracker displays a horizontal saloon that tracks an order’s advancement diagrammatically. As a Domino’s shop completes each measure of the order fulfilment procedure. a subdivision of the saloon becomes ruddy. Even clients that place their orders via telephone can supervise their advancement on the web utilizing pizza tracker at shops utilizing pulse development.

Question # 4:
How effectual are these systems in giving Domino’s a competitory border? Explain your reply. Answer:
Pizza hut and dad Jhon’s are competitory border of Domino’s which provides these systems effectual. they besides have on-line ordination capableness. but lack the pizza tracker and the fake pizza characteristics that Domino’s has successfully implemented. Pizza hut clients can now utilize their iPhones to put orders. and Papa Jhon’s clients can put orders by texting. With many one million millions of dollars at interest. all the big national pizza ironss will be developing advanced new ways of telling pizza and take parting in its creative activity

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