Importance of critical thinking

6 June 2017

Importance of Critical Thinking Critical thinking is very important tool for one’s everyday of life. It is not Just relevant in reading, education, but it is relevant to everything. Reasons that make critical thinking important are disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, evaluating information gathered by many different ways like observation, experience, reflection, or, communication, and creating a guide to follow. Critical thinking is exemplary process that base on intellectual values like clarity, accuracy, precision, onsistency, good evidence, good reasons, and fairness.

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It helps to identify the problem, and shows different paths to follow. Realistically critical thinker is the one who can establish successful career in any stage in the life time. First of all, success in the education stage, most of the times comes with the critical thinking. The main reason is that critical thinker almost always evaluate himself so he can create the skills to renovate any thing that is going to wrong direction. This evaluation is not Just for grading his skills, it is for making them better, and more fficient.

In the class environment critical thinkers are the ones whose ask most of the questions the reason for that is the clarify what they hear, or read. Their main goal for being in the class is to learn, and learning efficiently requires evaluations of understanding clearly. Success does not come easy in most cases, a student who like to build a success in his environment should have skills to find the step to climb to ladder to success. Second , success in the working, business stage cannot be achieved without critical thinking most of the times. Any decisions been made in this stage effect the person, also everyone around that person.

Decisions that been made without analyzing, communication , or any of critical thinking tools might have unexpected results, and effects. These unexpected results, and effects may lead one to unwanted wrong directions. These directions would catch one unprepared against unexpected situations. So again, critical thinker the one who wont make these kind of decisions most of the time, because they always want to make sure to find out if they are going n the right directions, Number one priority of many successful organizations, and people is knowing what are their strengths, and weaknesses.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses is a long process of disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, evaluating information gathered by many different ways like observation, experience, reflection, or, communication. It is pretty much analyzing entire actions that around, so they can be prepared, and successful in many circumstances. Actually the short name of this long process is critical thinking. In conclusion, no matter in what stage of life we are critical thinking is a very useful tool to help in many situations.

Anything that happens in our daily life are connected or evaluations are production of critical thinking. The most successful people are the ones whom can look at the mirror and analyze themselves. Those are the people who can make best from the worst situations, like how Steve Job build Apple that we know now, after he has been fired one time. He came back made the best. Critical thinking is not criticizing, it is a progress.

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