Importance of good roads in a country

8 August 2016

Good roads are essential for the development of a country. The Romans realized this centuries ago. Wherever they established themselves, they tried to improve the roads there. Today, the governments of all countries in the world are building more and more roads to gain access to the remotest regions of their countries. Roads link towns and villages and enable the people of one place to communicate with the people of another place. When food is scarce in one place, it can be brought from another place without much difficulty.

Even things which cannot be produced in one region can be brought from another region where they are produced in abundance. The invention of motor-vehicles has made it easy to transport goods from place to place. These vehicles, however, require good roads to travel faster. The better the roads are, the more goods can be transported from place to place. Thus, trade is improved.

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Further, good roads help people to travel easily to places where they can work and to develop their lands and industries. In Malaysia, for example, the improvement of roads has made it easy for skilled workers from the towns to work in remote villages.

The people of the villages, on the other hand, have been able to learn much from the towns. As a result, there has been a lot of improvement in this country in all spheres of activity. Finally, in times of war, good roads help armies to move about without difficulty. Sometimes, a country is defeated because its army is not able to reach a place in good time due to bad roads. Even the police may not be able to reach a place where there is some trouble if the roads are bad. For all these reasons, it is always necessary for a country to have good roads.

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