Importance of hussain sagar lake

6 June 2017

I love to think of nature as a great broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour If we only tune In. These Immortal words of George Washington convey a deep message of the stupendous beauty of nature and simultaneously show the right human attitude that is required in this regard. Humanity has evolved over millions of years in an intact nature and for its future development the necessary intactness should be maintained.

Same Is the case with the Hussain Sagar Lake which was the epitome of a million hings with the beautiful Buddha statue adding to Its immaculate delicacy, its value has been brought down from the high limits of the sky to the barren earth in the eyes of the common man. A 445-year-old lake built with a vision of providing fresh water has now been transformed into a ruthless element of pollution by the common Hyderabadi.

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Importance of hussain sagar lake
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I bet if Quli Qutb Shah were alive, he would surely be left aghast, amazed, confused and embarrassed by this present situation of Hussain Sagar. The encroachment it got was unnoticed until It reached epidemic levels. ntreated effluents and undesired pollutants have obliterated this lake to such a great extent that no man in this great city is oblivious of its unfortunate condition. Man was created to appreciate nature, not destroy it. But in this rapidly advancing Hyderabad of 2007, we need to realize the benefits of a desirable Hussain Sagar Lake.

The number of migratory birds migrating to India speclflcally Hyderabad has been decreasing steadily and this Is a matter of great concerm A Hussain Sagar of my dreams, a Hussain Sagar of 2020, a Hussain Sagar of nmatched vigor and excellence can only be achieved through a lot of untiring human effort. We all need to realize that to turn Hussain Sagar to something near to the Dal Lake will require utmost concern and widespread awareness. Just writing some measures on a piece of paper like this is not enough; we need to carry out each and everything we plan.

I would like to mention that to transform this great lake to a place of aesthetic value Is not at all an easy task. It is of high importance to conserve the Hussain Sagar Lake for the future. We can increase the number of migratory birds thereby contributing to the widespread biodiversity and hence reducing the ecological balance that once existed before the industrialization of Hyderabad. We can also increase its aesthetic value and conserve it in a proper condition only after disposing the Increasing wastes.

We will also be Increasing the employment of people that Is a great menace In this city. By this, I mean that Hussain Sagar of tomorrow will have lots of responsible citizens taking a lot of care of its purity. People can be employed for this task and it will also benefit them with the wages they get. A futuristic Hussain Sagar can also become a source of drinking water for us. What I suggest is that we free the water from the Hussain Sagar form all the dirt and supply it to the houses for domestic purposes. After that we should collect the wastewater collected from houses and purify It.

Like this, water can De recycled ana usea agaln ana agaln Trom tne Hussain Sagar provide an endless source of potable water for the citizens, increase the employment nd also reduce the scarcity of water. A Hussain Sagar of the future can also be the house of a variety of fishes, in other words a large aquarium if water recycling mentioned above is not possible. The aquarium will also solve the problem of employment and it will also attract tourists and through it we can make money used for various government purposes. These are some of the ways in which a properly maintained Hussain Sagar can help us in the future.

Development of eco-ethics is the key for long-term marine survival. As John Joseph Lynch said in his thoughtful words – “The laws of nature are written deep in the folds and faults of the earth. By encouraging men to learn those laws one can lead them further to a knowledge of the author of those laws” We all should realize the fact that man doesn’t own nature, no one owns Hussain Sagar but it is our property. We take care of it we are benefited; we leave it we are the natural losers. So it is totally our duty to understand and analyze the situation and take the necessary measures for a better future.

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