Importance of Resilience to Children

7 July 2016

Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity. (Yitzhak Berman)Children can move beyond trauma in their lives if they are resilient. Children facing trauma within their families and communities can be overwhelmed. Outside help though essential in times of trauma is not sufficient alone. Resilience is an attribute that involves optimism, learning from past expereinces, and the ability to approach adversity with some problem solving skills. Resiliency allows children to face challenges and bounce back from them effectively, a character trait that is important for survival.

A childs resilence will play a big part in overcoming the adversity they will face as they go through life. Resilience itself however, is not enough on its own. Children need trusting relationships with parents, family , caregivers and teachers who accept and love them. They need structure and consistency in the form of routine and rules they must follow. As the child falls into positive routines and successfully follows the rules praise takes place and appreciation is shown for doing so. When the child breaks a rule he is shown what he did wrong and if punishmemt is needed.

If so the child is forgiven and reconciled with the adult. Role models show them the desired way of doing things both within and outside of the family. Encouragement is needed to show them how to do things on their own so that they may become autonomous. The childs attributes and beliefs from within are internal personal strengths. Feeling proud of themselves and realizing they are loved by others builds their confidence and self esteem. Feelings of hope, faith, and trust from positive input creates a well rounded individual whol can be independent and capable of doing things on their own.

This will result in the ability to recover from lifes obstacles and to continue on without being crippled by adversity. Strong relationships with healthy adults and healthy interests and talents outside the home will continue to increase the childs self esteem. Getting to know the childs teachers and monitoring their attendance in school will give them a strong educational foundation and will lead to better health for them. Ultimately this will lead to them being successful in school and in the community.

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