Importance of team work at school

6 June 2016

TDA 2.6 – 3.1 Describe why team work is important in school.

Team work is important in school so that we all have a shared purpose that they are all aiming for the same thing. It takes more than one person to meet the needs of children and young people and we need to work together as a team to help benefit children and young children as well as their families. Team work allows the sharing of ideas and skills because everyone one has their own ideas and they can all have individual skills to offer.

Importance of team work at school Essay Example

Other people in your team can give you advice on things you need to do. When people work as a team it help share responsibility and makes life easier on everyone as the job will be shared. Working as a team will reinforce boundaries and help cancel out any mix messages with the children or young people regarding what is expected off them. It is important that staff work as part of a team to help with communication.

For example if there is a safeguarding issue it is important to communicate you concerns as other people may have missed something, so that everyone knows what is going on. When staff works together as a team they support each other with tasks and this will create a positive environment and sets a good example for the children and young people in the class. For example if the children see the adults working together they will copy and help their classmates.

TDA 2.6 – 3.2 Describe the purpose and the objectives of the team in which they work

The school team job is to create and promote a safe and clean environment for children and young people to learn and develop. The purpose of the team is to help support and the child or young person with anything that they have a problem with. For example any educational or a personal problem. They work closely in partnership with parents or carers. They do this by informing them of any concerns with the child or young person or to praise the child if they have done something good. They also have a parents evening three times every school year to involve them in the child or young person’s progression. They promote equality and diversity within the school environment. They do this by treating each child and young person as an equal no matter of race, gender or religion. The school team provide the child or young person with a quality education.

They do this by following the curriculum and making sure it is available for everyone to learn from. At the school the team ensure they achieve the Every Child Matters outcome which is the following •Be Safe – by following health and safety policy, risk assessments and safeguarding policy. •Be healthy – with healthy eating menu at lunch time and with regular physical education lessons. •Enjoy and achieve – to encourage children to attend and enjoy school with exciting activities •Positive contribution – to encourage children to make a positive contribution with community. •Achieve economic wellbeing – Teachers to encourage further education or training to help improve their lifestyle.

TDA 2.6 – 3.4 Describe the importance of respecting the skills and expertise of other practitioners

It is important to respect the skills and expertise of your fellow staff members to help develop a good working relationship. We need to respect each other because we can learn a lot from other people as no one person knows everything. It helps to listen to others in your team because no one is an expert at everything and we need to be able to ask others for help. If we do not respect people and are rude then no one will want to help you. An effective team can achieve more than an individual.

This is because as a team you can work together and gets the task done quicker, but on your own it takes a lot longer. With respecting others on your team it creates a positive environment and encourages children and young people to do the same, because they look up to the staff as role models. When you respect a team members skills and expertise you can help support families and children because you can confer on any issues they may have and if you struggle then you can speak to others on your team for advice and any information they have to help with the situation.

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