Importance of the Qu’ran and Hadith in the Islamic Faith

6 June 2017

Studies of Religion Assessment Task Question: Using examples, explain the importance of both the Qur’an and the Hadith in Islam. Discuss how these sacred texts affect the life of adherents. The Qur’an and the Hadith have a significant and important role in the Islamic faith. Both these sacred texts affect the life of adherents, as they provide teachings to assist them in living a sacred, religious, and faithful life toward Allah and the Prophet Muhammad. They have different functions in Islam, and they have different levels of importance.

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Importance of the Qu’ran and Hadith in the Islamic Faith
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The Qur’an and the Hadith can be understood as complimentary texts, owever the Hadith remain lesser to the Qur’an which is the fundamental text. Both texts are responsible for providing guidance for Muslims in all aspects of life. The Qur’an is the fundamental text for all Muslims, as it is the Book of Allah. It is organised into one hundred and fourteen chapters, and its order today is not the same order in which the revelations were received, as the order is according to an instruction given to the Prophet Muhammad later in his life.

Muhammad was not a literate person, and as a result had to commit the Qur’an to memory rather than have it written down. Muslims believe that hearing this sacred text read aloud is a blessing, and so are encouraged to read it out loud. This belief provides a good sense of the degree of respect and reverence held for the Qur’an. Other examples of this degree of respect can be seen in the protocols for reading the Qur’an and its care. The Qur’an is prominent in every aspect of Muslim life, and its authority is supreme and unquestioned. It is regarded as the Holy Book, and is treated with the greatest respect.

There are a range of rules that are required to be followed such as not placing the Qur’an on the ground, and not touching it nnecessarily. Also, it is mandatory that people remain silent when the Qur’an is read aloud, and no food or drink is to be consumed. Before reading from the Qur’an, a person must bathe or wash themselves to ensure they are properly cleaned with the appropriate attitude toward hearing the word of Allah, and when not being used the Qur’an is required to be placed in an elevated position to avoid any possibility of something being placed on top of it.

Another indicator of the Qur’an’s importance is the fact that memorising the entire text is customary. A person that knows the entire ook off by heart is known as a ‘hafiz’, and they are greatly honoured in the Muslim community. The written version of the Qur’an is identical to the non-written version, as not the slightest change was made. The order was preserved precisely, which is a further way of showing respect and emphasising the importance of the Qur’an itself.

It is mandatory for the process of the Qur’an’s copying to be respectful, and is often written in calligraphy; it is considered a great honour to copy the Qur’an and is done so in the most beautiful way possible. This also ensures that the message of the Qur’an is very clear and unmistakeable as it announces the Day of Judgement and accompanying happiness for the faithful while the evil ones will experience the harshness of the eternal separation from Allah. Due to the fact that the messages of this sacred text are so clear and direct, it has immediate impact on the lives of Muslims.

The primary focus of Islam is submission to Allah and the teachings of the Qur’an provide the necessary guidelines, guidance, and instructions for this to take place. Guidance for Muslims is also shown in the Hadith, which is another sacred text of Islam. Hadith is the collection of the Prophet Muhammad’s Statements and actions coupled with the statements and action of his companions. It refers to a number of historical books which contain reports of the sayings, actions, and example of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, by which he showed his followers how to put the teachings of the Holy Qur’an into practice.

The word ‘Hadith’ simply means a saying or a report of what the Holy Prophet Muhammad said or did in a certain occasion. It is believed to have been collected one hundred and fifty years after Muhammad’s death in 632 CE. There are two parts to the Hadith, ‘Matn’ and ‘Isnad’. Matn’ is the specific content or text of the statements and actions of Muhammad and his companions, and ‘Isnad’ is the record of the chain of transmitters all the way back to Muhammad, similar to a family tree.

Muslims also classify Hadith into four different categories. These categories are ‘Awl’, ‘Fi’liare’, ‘Taqrir’, and ‘Qudsi’. The first three categories refer specifically to Muhammad, as they are divided into the transmissions of Muhammad’s statements, the transmissions of Muhammad’s deeds and actions, and the actions or deeds of the Prophet’s companions or others that Muhammad had approved of. The fourth category is the Prophet’s words, inspired by Allah, that are not recorded in the Qur’an.

The Hadith is important in Islam because it is a further and more in depth understanding and source of information to do with Allah and the Prophet Muhammad that is not recorded in the Qur’an. Unlike the Qur’an, the Hadith doesn’t have any rules and regulations applied to its looking after. The main difference between source from the Qur’an and source from the Hadith is that the Qur’an is allowed to be use during prayer, and the Hadith isn’t. Both these sacred texts are very significant and important to Islam. The Qur’an is important to Islam because it is the Book of Allah.

It is the Holy Book that the Prophet received through the words of Allah through Angel Jibra’eel. It is the most truthful speech that the Prophet Muhammad regularly read to Muslims around him. It’s significant because it is in its original language; Prophet Muhammad was an Arab and the majority of people in Mecca and Medina spoke Arabic. This sacred text is important to Islam and its adherents because it contains Allah’s messages to all people. It tells people now to act correctly and guides Muslims to a correct way ot lite n this world.

It also talks about life after death and encourages the worship of only one god who creates and provides for them. It contains stories of the past Prophets and the examples of good and bad people, creating significance and importance in that it demonstrates the correct way of living in relation to the Islamic religion. The Qur’an is the only divine book of Islam that has remained unchanged, and is used frequently in prayer. On the other hand, the Hadith is also important to Islam. This is because it gives a more in depth understanding of the events, circumstances, and teachings of the

Prophet Muhammad that he received from Allah. The Hadith includes sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad about the basic teachings and practices of Islam, such as beliefs, prayer and fasting. It also has sayings on various practical aspects of life such as family life, business dealings, the law, food and drink, and moral qualities. The Hadith includes illustrations of the Prophet Muhammad’s teachings and how he put them into practice, for example reports of how he prayed and how he gave to charity.

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