Importance of Working Parents

10 October 2016

In today’s competitive world, many families find it necessary for both parents to go out to work. While some say that the children in these families benefit from the additional income, others feel they lack support because of their parents’ absence due to working constant hours at the office, shop, store, etc. Today’s economic situation forces both parents to go out and work in order to properly provide for their family. With both mother and father working, some children tend to find themselves feeling forgotten or overlooked.

In this essay I will describe how having both parents working can be beneficial for the children in the family not only economically, but mentally and socially. Having both parents work outside the home can lead to several problems. First, of all, the most basic need of a child is love and care. Simply, children might feel forgotten while both parents are busy with their daily work life.

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Importance of Working Parents
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Moreover, many people may suffer from family imbalance which is due to the fact that they cannot harmonize their work and life together.

This is a situation which directly effects a child’s life. As a worst case example, I can say such an event may lead to difficulties in the families’ household, or even worse; parental separation, which has a huge impact on a child’s life. However, I think most of mentioned situations can be moderated if parents are capable of acting wisely. I believe that parents can make more money and bring more prosperity for the whole family if they both work. As a result, parents can now afford to send their children to better schools.

For example parents can now afford to send their children to language schools which is a result of good family financial condition, or even enroll their child in extra curriculum such as after school programs/clubs. Another advantage of this situation is that children can mentally learn that work is an important part of life. When parents work, children mentally learn that work is an important part of life. Therefore, they intuitively repeat their parents’ pattern when they grow up, with their own children.

Last but not least, children can also take benefit of that socially, because they have been brought up in a family in which both parents were socially and economically successful as a whole. In conclusion, I think the idea of both parents taking part in professional working environment brings more advantages to the children in contrast to its flaws. The financial situation of the whole family will be improved, children can learn all about work ethics from their parents and also, it has many benefits for the parents themselves.

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