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9 September 2016

Our country is constantly developing into a better place for everyone to live and to help build its image. There are many important factor’s to work on to attract positive images. Beliefs, ideas, feelings and impression shape the individual’s thoughts towards particular culture. Thai people can achieve the good image by working hard towards its goal honestly and with dedication. Thailand’s minimum wage is considered as one of the lowest minimum wage in the world. The money is not worth the work.

Imagine a teacher who lives in a very poor society, with poor money, poor education the teacher should have. How could the teacher give more than a poor education to the students. The government should give more on education. We should also invest on our people through education. If the people in the country are well educated their thoughts will be broad and it would be easily for them to think for their own country rather than following other’s. The next suggest is changing the teaching style. The teacher should be able to develop new ways of teachings.

Improve Country Essay Example

Making class a bit less boring is one of them, but more importantly Thai’s teaching should be more open. By open I mean there should be more free writing assignment, rather just lecturing in class and do everything by book. However, this cannot happen unless the governments establish educational institutions. These kinds of organization can be a lot of help. Thet could developing teachers skills and increase their information so they can offer a good way in teaching. Investing in Sports also helps improve the country image it shows people are mentally and physically fit. Mental toughness is a quality that is highly valued in sport.

It is considered essential in those athletes who aspire to success in world-class sport. At present there is much debate on what it is and how to develop it in Thailand. Furthermore, As they say, you must be the change you wish to see in the world. The true spirit of patriotism sounds the actions that lead towards the development and improving the image of the country internationally. Everybody must have to realize the responsibilities, and, let’s start with yourself first, if you start thinking & working positively, you will see working everybody positively, because if you look with beautiful eyes, the whole world looks beautiful.

Nevertheless, we should focus on political stability in the our country which is a must in order to represent ourself as one nation which will send out a good message to other countries and there perspective towards our country will change quiet easily. Also improving human rights condition so no one can look down upon anyone. Improving environment condition will play an fascinating role to attract a lot of tourist as Thailand is also depended on tourism. Our country is blessed with many places of interest such as beautiful beaches, cool resorts, enchanting islands and a variety of cultural performances and other tourist attractions.

Besides that, tourists also can enjoy evergreen natural environment, enthralling variety of cheap food and also its rich cultures and traditions all help to make our country an international tourist destination. However, having all these things alone are not enough. We must together make efforts to improve tourism in the country. We must also learn to be more friendly, sociable and hospitable. In fact these are social virtues that make the tourists happy and make Thailand a memorable place for them. We must always remember that satisfied tourists are the most effective advertisers.

The laws and regulations should be strict enough to prevent people from doing corruption. Most of the corruption in Thailand is in the form of bribe. For example, when a drunken underage children got arrested by the police, if the children turn out to be rich or belong in a powerful family, they are clean to go just by spending some of their money, but if they turn out to be nameless or poor they go through the process normally. Talking about money and powerful family, the more money you have, the more power you have got.

If you happened to work for the government, then the higher ranks get the power. The power of police. The power over law. Politicians are one of the corruptions’ biggest user. Most of the politicians come from a well-known family or a very wealthy one, and that unconditionally made them powerful. More forms of weaker og frankly the poor. For example, if one of the bad politicians happens to be in the same business as another bad politician, and then again happens to be in a quarrel; they might end up sending a hit-man in each other’s sleep.

These show that thai policemen have not enough pride to wear the uniforms. It should be the police’s main priority to keep rules and regulations. The laws are not to be broken. People with money cannot take over control of laws. We are living in a quite very high technology modern present world. Almost everything in national, and the corruption in Thailand can be very easily to be noticed. News are everywhere, the world knows everything, and what impression would you have when you see the news of corruption country or a very violent one?

And what impression would you have on a nice and peaceful country? In conclusion, fix all bad happening in Thailand and start working with honestly and dedication. No more looking down on others. Everyone should be treated as equal. Take care of our own country’s environment, not make it worse. Make even more good impression to other. You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Together, bring back the land of smile. Remember, if you look with beautiful eyes, the whole world looks beautiful.

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