Improving America’s Educational System

A paper which explores the way American politicians attempt to improve the educational system in order to attract voters.

The paper shows that one of the greatest problems facing the American nation today is that of its failing school systems. It is a favorite rhetorical trope of politicians that education is an investment in our nation’s future. The paper discusses how few politicians are truly interested in remedying the situation in real, constructive ways. It explores two ways politicians have recently attempted to improve the nation’s education system by introducing an expanded school voucher system and raising state standards for children’s education via increased standardized testing. These solutions are attractive to voters because they do not cause much of a drain upon taxpayer’s funds. The paper argues however that ultimately the only real solution that will result in a real and long-lasting improvement in the education is that all American children receive increased funding for schools.

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Improving America’s Educational System
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This real increase in funds was used to support summer schools, remedial programs, and actual steps to support student’s ability to strive for real standards. Such programs do not attempt to close failing schools through heightened competition with the private sector, or support school’s attempts to simply set standards without taking real steps to ensure students meet these standards. Recently, Michigan cut over 100 million from its early childhood education and remedial help program for elementary school children. California eliminated its system of monetary awards to public schools that meet standards in the state. Although standards were not lowered in either state, how can students meet such standards without adequate support from teachers and a supported curriculum?

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