Improving High School Education

4 April 2015
Discusses various means of improving education at the high school level from the perspective of a recent graduate.

Improving High School Education

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Improving High School Education
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There are many problems associated with high school education today. Some of the issues that are typically brought up by the public and education professionals, include problems of accountability, funding, safety, behavior, ethics, test scores, and mastery of the basics. There is a movement to make a major change in the public school system in this country by providing vouchers to parents so that they can choose private schools, if they wish, in order to best educate their children. There is also a movement to revitalize public education by making it more relevant and connecting it more closely to business (VanSciver, 1997). The focus in this paper is on ways to improve education at the high school level from the point of view of a recent …

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