Improving Students Ability in Writing Analytical Exposition Text

10 October 2016

One of the basic competencies of English taught to the grade VIII of Junior High School based on Competence Based Curriculum 2004 is to express idea in written texts in the form of narrative, descriptive, and recount. This competency requires mastery of language components such as grammatical feature, vocabulary and ability to arrange text cohesively. Producing text using certain genre seems difficult. Students have to have large amount of vocabulary, mastery of grammatical feature, and understanding the generic structure.

The difficulties has found in the grade VIIIA of SMPN Sukorambi Jember academic year 2007-2008. The earlier study through competency test worked out to 43 students, showed that 34 students or around 79% students are not able to reach score 60 as the passing grade of this competency especially in arranging text or paragraph. Result of the test has shown that the students found difficulty in composing paragraph to be a passage. This difficulty happened because the students aren’t able to create imagination in their mind.

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Improving Students Ability in Writing Analytical Exposition Text
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Children (age 6-15) tend not to use the right brain hemisphere to think which has ability to recognize form and shape, music, art, sense of colour, creativity and visualization (Susilo: 68). To solve the students’ problem, some approach, method and technique have been set up to overcome it. Beside that media also influence the result of the study. The use of media, such as pictures in learning environment will not only change the dynamic of the class but it will also rejuvenate students and help the brain to learn more effectively (Agoestyowati:5).

In the hope to improve the students’ writing ability, media using pictures is applied. The research decides to use pictures to help students to solve their problem in composing texts because pictures are easy interpreted and support fun learning. The problem may be solved in the research are: a. How to compose texts using pictures? b. To what extend does the pictures improve the students’ writing ability?

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