Competency-based Language Teaching l. Background Nowadays, people are used to knowing knowledge but they dont know how to Implement that since they Just don’t know how. In fact, this era forces people to understand something more about their ability, while some people dont. Docking in Richards & Rodgers (2001 : 145) points out the relationship between competence and Job performance, “A quallflcatlon or a Job can be described as a collection of units of competency, each of which is composed on a number of elements of competency.

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A unit of competency might be a task, a role, a function, or a learning module. These will change over time, and will vary from context to context. An element of competency can be defined as any attribute of an individual that contributes to the successful performance of a task, Job, function, or activity in an academic setting and/ or work setting. This Includes specific knowledge, thinking processes, attitudes, and perceptual and physical skills. Nothing is excluded that can be shown to contribute to performance. An element of competency has meaning independent of context and time.

It Is the building block for competency specifications for education, training, ssessment, qualifications, tasks, and jobs. ” Frorn now on, we are going to elaborate about a method that support how to understand better about knowledge they master called competency-based language teaching. II, Problem Statement . What CBLT? What are the principals of CBLT? 2. How to Implement CBLT? 3. What competencies does CBLT have? 4. Who are targets of this method? 5. Objectives Ill. . To understand about CBLT. To know principals used in CBLT. To know competencies CBLT has.

To be able implementing CBLT. IV. Benefits understanding CBLT_ Knowing principals used in CBLT. Knowing competencies C8LT has. Being able to Implement SBLT_ V. Review Competency-Based Education (CBE) is an educational movement which emerged in the united States In the 1970s This movement presents a pattern that Is focused on the outputs to learning. It defines the goals and objectives to be reached in such a way, that students’ knowledge, skills and behaviours, can beeasily measured. Besides, students develop tne aDlllty to use tnelr Knowledge In real IITe situations.

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In addition, Competency-Based Language Teaching (CBLT) follows the ideology of CBE, and it is perceived as a powerful agent that can have a positive impact on teaching, ince through the implementation of the standards, bothteachers and students can have a clear direction of what is expected to be achieved at the end of a course. According to the theory of language learning, CBLT is based on function and interaction of language, what means that language is taught taking into account the social context and the communicative needs of students.

On the other hand, it is also based on the behaviourist view, since it shares the principle that learners can infer language form from language function, thus, CBLT competences designers know xactly the vocabulary and the structures that can be found in different situations and they strategically place them in the different teaching/learning units. There are several principals in CBLT, they are; 1 . Language is a vehicle for the expression of functional meaning. 2.

Language is a vehicle for the realization of interpersonal relation and for the performance of social transactions between individuals. Language is a tool for the creation and maintenance of social relations. 3. CBLT is built around the notion of communicative competence and seeks to develop functional communication skills in learners. 4. CBLT shares with behaviourist views of learning, the notion that language form can be inferred from language function; that is, certain life encounters call for certain kinds of language.

Teachers must implement in eight ways, they are; 1. A focus on successful functioning in society. 2. A focus on life skills. 3. Task -or performance-centered orientation. 4. Modularized instructions. 5. Outcomes that are made explicit a priory. 6. Continuous and on going assessment. 7. Demonstrated mastery of performance objectives. 8. Individualized, student-centered instruction. Basically, CBLT can be used in all levels of students. In Indonesia, there are academic competencies that must be achieved by students, known as Standar Kompetensi.

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