Improve the Intensive course Intensive course very Important to all student especially distance student to Improve their knowledge, they come to RPJ USM campus for meet their lecturer face to face for discuss what they not understand or not comprehend In each module their read, as well as their lecturer do an exam for assess to grade what students understand in module, but for me RPJ USM must see what problem student face start first dey registration until last day. At tlrst day, many students trom whole Malaysia came to USM Pulau Pinang.

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That mean they bring a lot personal items including book for each module, so they come with own car. Problem here at first day registration will affect traffic jam, to avoid this traffic jam I suggest registration session for different day according to the course. RPJJ USM to provide sufficient car park for all students and also suitable car park tor student stayed at DESA SISWA. What I saw before this, students had long wait Rapid Bus to reach and many student use bus for go to class.

I’m suggest RPJ USM to Increase frequency of Rapid Bus during peak hour and upervise traffic to avoid students late up to class. Density of students in a class is Identified to contribute e few things such students lose focus for learning, student suffer emotional and attitude students in an uncontrolled environment, this issue also give negative Impact on students unpleasant situations . I hope RPJJ USM can reverse more class and reduce number of student at any one time for one sesslon_ I am much thankful to RPJJ USM for providing accommodation along intensive course.

The problem faced by student Is less of washing machine and place hanging wet clothes. Conditions in the room should be noted like a broken closet and small study table. Hygiene factor in DESA SISWA canteen also should be given attention Including food price and sell nutritious foods. Therefore, to more consistent Intensive course RPJ USM board have to see this problem more closely to provide comfort and satisfaction to students for give hundred per cent commitment during Intensive course. Thankyou

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