Improvised Water Filter

Improvised Water Filter: A Way of Preventing Water Pollution and Promoting Water Conservation Problem: Presence of Inorganic Materials in Water ( Water Pollution) Proposed Solution: Filtration of Water by natural means Introduction: Water is one of the magnificent gifts nature gave to mankind. Water is almost everywhere. And we need it in just about any activity we do. Water satisfies our thirst. Even our bodies are composed of about 75% of water. We need water in agriculture. And waterforms serve us a great source of food not just for us humans, but also for other living things.

Without water, it is hard for us to survive. Without it, the plants, the animals. And all other living things including us, humans would perish. Water may cover about 70% of the Earth’s surface but it is not impossible to happen that all water resources will dry up and this will make all the living things on Earth receive no water at all. But it seems that we, humans are not aware of this. Improper disposal of garbage, use of harmful chemicals , dynamite fishing and other activities of mankind made waterforms polluted. And this will eventually lead in the presence of waterborne diseases.

Waterborne diseases occur when parasites or other disease-causing microorganisms are transmitted via contaminated water, particularly water contaminated by pathogens originating from excreta. These include typhoid, intestinal parasites, and most of the enteric and diarrheal diseases caused by bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Among the most serious parasitic diseases are amoebiasis, giardiasis, ascariasis, and hookworm. Also, ways of conserving water such as collecting rain water and using it in watering the garden and washing the car were neglected.

These could have lower the demands of water supplies used in cleaning and irrigation purposes. Problem: How can we make people aware of water pollution and find a way to prevent it as well as promote water conservation especially in areas where there is no finite source of clean water? Hypothesis: People will be more aware of water pollution and the idea of water conservation will be promoted in the community if they’ll be more knowledgeable about the filtration of water by natural means and/or using recycling plastics(such as plastic drums and bottles) by making improvised ater filters that are cheap and easy to make. Objectives: 1. To make water filter that is cheap and easy to make. 2. To promote to the community this kind of water filter and help address the problem of water pollution 3. Not to supply the community clean and safe drinking water but at least, make them aware about the benefits of water conservation such as lower demands for water supplies used in irrigation or in cleaning purposes Literature Review: Journals of scientists and concerned individuals mentioned the importance of water conservation and the harmful effects of water pollution.

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