"In Between Dreams" by Jack Johnson

12 December 2019

Imagine smooth, warm acoustic guitars. Think about lyrics that say so much about love, politics, and the world we live in. When you put these two fantasies together you get the album “In Between Dreams” by Jack Johnson.
Jack Johnson is a singer/songwriter from North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, born on May 18, 1975 (age 35). “In Between Dreams” is Jacks 3rd studio album, and his most successful to date. It was released on March 1st 2005, and only one year later on May 10th 2006, “In Between Dreams” sold 2.1 million copies in America.
Jacks musical influences are Otis Redding, The Beatles, Bob Marley, and Neil Young. His Hawaiian decent is obvious through his music and laced through every song on “In Between Dreams”. Jack Johnsons relaxing music, good lyrics, and beautiful acoustic guitar melodies are ones to transfix and tranquilize and listener.
Mario Caldato produced the record, as well as engineering it alongside Robert Carranza. Jack had full control over his music, and wrote all the lyrics. He also wrote all of the music that goes along with the lyrics with the exception of three songs, “Staple it Together”, “Crying Shame”, and “Break Down”, to which he co-wrote.
The album cover to “In Between Dreams” features a mango tree. The mango tree symbolizes where the record was recorded, Mango Tree Studios. The mango tree is also brought up again on the album in the song “Better Together”.
Overall “In Between Dreams” was a 10 dollars well spent. This record inspired me to focus more on my music; to put more of an effort in on my guitar melodies instead of just the lyrics. Any musician who listens to this record will appreciate Jack Johnson’s unique sound, and be impressed with how easy he makes it all seem.

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