In Defense of FDR’s New Deal

4 April 2015
This creative paper is an imaginary, persuasive speech given by a fictional adult male eager to defend FDR’s social welfare program.

This imaginary speech, set by the author in 1940, is a defense of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal. The author presents a history of the New Deal including Social Security and the Federal Emergency Relief Fund. Our speaker concludes Gentlemen, I think we’d all sleep a little easier tonight, and every night, knowing that FDR’s social welfare plan is out there ready to catch us if we fall.
Yes, those were very hard times, and I know you all remember them. But we survived. We survived because we helped put one of our own, one of New York’s finest men in the White House. And FDR made a New Deal.

But again, thanks to FDR and Harry Hopkins and the $500 million dollars they put into the Federal Emergency Relief Fund, Sally was able to take care of her kids and get her teaching certificate. Now she’s teaching your kids reading, writing and arithmetic in the school down the street, which, by the way, was built two years ago with money allocated by FDR’s New Plan.

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