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10 October 2018

In Gary Crew and Phillip Neilson’s text, ‘Edward Britton’, the protagonist, Edward, is portrayed to be a strong and brave young adult who had been well educated before he was sent to Point Puer, a prison for boys. Having his own hopes and dreams about his future but also trying not to stand out too much from seven hundred boys, Edward is handsome and has the ability to think and respond quickly to various situations throughout the text. Izod, however, the sub main character of the novel is the opposite of Edward, he is small, bony and is devastated by the murder of his family in which he keeps revenge and dark thoughts on his mind.Izod’s character shows he has many villainous thoughts throughout the text.

He receives great joy from evil, such as hate, revenge and murder. The reason for his hunger for vengeance is because of his devastation from the loss of his family of nine after the Wolfe family had lost everything they owned because of Lieutenant Buckridge. Izod was very determined to kill the Lieutenant Buckridge so much that he did not care if he died in the act of murdering but he cannot be happy until it’s done. In the text, Izod brings the plot forward without being noticed by others too much. The arrival and the beauty of Buckridge’s daughter, Susan, cannot distract him from his plans. In Edward Britton, a novel by Gary Crew and Philip Neilson (2000), it is stated that Izod is not very interested in Susan or any sort of relationship with her despite her beauty. Izods clever mind assists him with the trial of poisoning one of the Chaplains.

This demonstrates that Izod wants to see his victim suffer as much pain as possible by trailing poison on someone else before Buckridge. Izod knows not to attract attention to himself and especially since he has such a cruel and sinful mission to complete.In the beginning of the text, Izod and the rest of the boys attended a Sunday Service at the Church, instead singing the songs from the hymn books, he only pretended by moving his lips. When it was time for kneeling down and praying, the “words that raged in his brain would never be considered as a prayer… and if there is no god, and never was, then I call up the Diablos, the Dark One, to use me.” In thinking this, this definitely shows the darker parts of Izod and the wicked thought of God. The fact that he wants to kill the Lieutenant Buckridge and his family shows that he is reckless on the loss of others around him. Izod has had no real education before his arrival at Point Puer, he feels stupid in reading and writing.

Izod’s confidence lowers dramatically when he is asked to read to the class. As Mr. Bull whips him hard for stumbling on the words of the book, Izod does not feel the need to kick or to cry. Izod’s hate for Buckridge keeps him from reacting the same way as other boys might do in a beating. Izod’s disgusted face triggers Buckridge’s temper whilst Buckridge is mocking him. Despite Izod’s lack of education, he finally realises that if he doesn’t practice on reading and writing more, soon enough, he will get beaten to death.”… it was the line ‘you ain’t going to get nothin’ done’ that hit home.

What if he died before he put Buckeridge down? What is he got killed before his revenge was complete?” (pg. 87) this shows that he is very determined to kill Buckridge before he dies from a beating.In the text, ‘Edward Britton’ by Gary Crew and Philip Neilson, Edward and Izod, the two main characters of the novel, show the different roles that they both play throughout the text. Due to Edwards characteristics, he is a brave and handsome young man who shows that his character is completely different from the others at the prison. Izod, however, is seen as a small, unnoticed and evil minded boy who is looking for revenge.

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