In Our Defense by Ellen Alderman & Caroline Kennedy

4 April 2015
Critical review of work exploring court decisions involving threats to the Bill of Rights.

In the book In Our defense, authors Ellen Alderman and Caroline Kennedy make reference to a number of major civil liberties cases as they illustrate the power and importance of the Bill of Rights. The government is prevented by the Constitution from engaging in a wide variety of behaviors which the Founding Fathers feared, based on their experience in Europe with an unfettered government. While majority rules, it is also true that the Constitution protects the rights of the minority against the onslaught of the majority. The bill of Rights involves a statement of such protections, as an examination of some of the cases cited will show.

In Our Defense by Ellen Alderman & Caroline Kennedy Essay Example

The Progressive magazine case is an interesting one in which the magazine was going to print an article detailing the production of an atomic bomb, specifically an H-bomb. The…

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