In the Land of God and Man

4 April 2015
An analysis of life in Latin America based on the book “In the Land of God and Man: A Latin Woman’s Journey by Silvana Paternostro.

This comparative analysis examines the author’s own ethnicity as well as that of Latin America. Discussed are the changes such as socialization, cultural attitudes, laws and customs, which need to be made so women can have more freedom. Essay is based on Silvana Paternostro’s In the Land of God and Man: A Latin Woman’s Journey”.
“Paternostro describes how she was awed by men’s power, even their signatures, about whom I was consumed with curiosity. What they did, how they talked seemed much more alive than what women did (Paternostro 1999). Men talked of politics and things that seemed so much more important than women’s lives. It makes one think of the scene from “Gone With the Wind”, when the men retire to the library for cigars and brandy.

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They close the doors and discuss manly things, while the women tend to womanly things and young girls take naps, far away from the closed doors of the library. And if a female should enter, she might be humored for a moment but was inevitably put in her place. Paternostro described how she too was humored when she dared try to discuss politics with the men, promptly and politely put in her place. She was told, “It’s not attractive to be so opinioned (Paternostro 1999). She said, My place as a woman was a follower (Paternostro 1999).

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