In the life of obsessive Jonas brother fans.

8 August 2019

You park the car and start walking. You look around and see the sleeping bags laid out on the sides of the roads, the tents set up near the Port-a-Potties, and the huge line wrapping around the entire arena. You wait on the hour-line just to pour out your love in marker on the tour bus. You hear screams and cries from outside the arena. You can hear the excitement growing and getting more intense.
You finally walk into the arena to find thousands and thousands of people. You wait and fight with people on line to buy a new poster, or a new shirt, or even a glow stick to try and get their attention. As you start walking to your seat, you look around and see the skinny jeans jumping up and down; you see every color Ray Ban ever made; you see the t-shirts with the faces and lyrics of your favorite band on them; clearest of all, you see the huge signs screaming “I LOVE YOU, NICK,” or the signs quoting the lyrics of their songs “JOE, I’M BURNING UP FOR YOU, BABY!” You even see the occasional signs asking, “KEVIN, WILL YOU MARRY ME?”
There’s more to the tears rolling down the girls’ faces, and there’s more to the obnoxious signs and piercing screams. This involves love and dedication. This describes my life. This describes the place where I belong and the place where I love to be.
This is the definition of the obsessive Jonas Brothers fan

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