In Vitro Fertilization Essay Research Paper Vincent

9 September 2017

In Vitro Fertilization Essay, Research Paper

Vincent Santoro February 25, 2001

Biology Honors Position Paper

With the new engineering in our present twenty-four hours civilization, In Vitro Fertilization is a pattern that I believe should non be done by any individual by all agencies. IVF conflicts with the procedure of nature by conveying the sperm and egg together in an un-natural manner, in a glass. Along with the un-natural facets of IVF, there are many cases were this signifier of impregnation struggles with moral, ethical and legal conflicts that may take to many jobs between the different ideas of people. IVF may besides make a race of people who are genetically selected to be perfect which is wholly unnatural and struggles with many beliefs.

First, I believe that a individual should non be able to execute unreal insemination because the existent familial parents of the kid are the individuals? whose egg and sperm are being donated.

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So, when this happens, the givers may desire the kid to be theirs because they were created from their sex cells. If this pattern does go on nevertheless, I believe that if a twosome is divorced, the unfertile adult male should be wholly relieved of child support and fiscal duty. However, if the adult male does deny the fiscal duty he should non be able to be granted trial rights.

With IVF, the possibility comes up that a individual individual may desire to utilize the engineering to hold a kid. I think this is incorrect. I believe a kid would hold trouble turning up in an environment where there is merely one parent figure, and the kid should ne’er be intentionally put into a state of affairs like this.

The following topic is the possibility of holding a homosexual twosome utilizing IVF to hold a kid. This is beyond incorrect. That statement is based on my spiritual beliefs and may change from individual to individual, nevertheless, I think that because, in nature, there is no distant possibility that two same sex creatures- mammals- could hold a babe. So with this, why attempt to withstand nature and put the kid in an environment were a homosexual twosome has a kid.

When IVF is done, the physicians executing this process usually use 8 embryos, 4 for the first attempt and 4 frozen in instance a 2nd attempt is necessary. Now, if the process is successful, I believe that the embryos should be disposed of decently and non be kept frozen. And I besides believe that the embryo has no rights. For the state of affairs in which the twosome who has this process done happens to acquire divorced, I think that they should neither be given legal detention of the embryo unless otherwise wished by a member of the twosome. I besides think it is foolish that a frozen embryo should inherit the est

Ate of the twosome who created them. I say this because if they wanted them to inherit their estate, they shouldn? Ts have of frozen them.

About the subject of alternate female parents, I personally think they shouldn? t even exist, I say this because if person is un-fertile or unfertile, there is a ground for this, so why have person go through the carrying of the babe and non acquire the babe in return. If this procedure of holding a alternate female parent carries the babe, so they should non be paid at all. I say this because if they need to be paid to transport the babe, and so they must non care about nil more than money. In the instance of the alternate female parent consumes alcohol or does drugs so it merely adds to the ground why they shouldn? t even exist in the first topographic point. If the alternate female parent decides to hold an abortion so it is her pick and if any money was taken for the procedure, it should be paid back in full. If the babe ends up holding any mental or physical disablements, so the parents should still hold to maintain the babe regardless of how the babe turn out.

As for the possibility of the usage of embryos for farther experimentation in new generative intents, I think it should non be considered unless there is permission from both familial parents and every bit long as they have to duties towards the kid in instance of a birth.

With the new possibilities associated with IVF, I think the most dismaying besides homosexual twosomes utilizing IVF is the pattern of holding postmenopausal adult females impregnated through the new engineering. This is because of two grounds, foremost is the state of affairs the kid is put in because of holding a female parent and/or male parent who are really elder raise a immature kid, because of the possibility they won? T be around for a really long clip. Second is that these postmenopausal adult females already had their opportunity to be impregnated for many old ages, and they should hold of used there clip sagely and they wouldn? T be in the state of affairs in the first topographic point.

What is besides shocking to me is the usage of IVF for genetically choosing the sex, wellness, intelligence and beauty of a kid. This once more is the full construct of utilizing engineering to seek to withstand nature. A kid should be born for the intent of being able to raise your ain boy or girl for who they are, non what they were made from.

Ultimately, this new process, from the acquiring of the sperm and egg, to the micro-injection, to implantation to impregnation is a pattern I do non believe in because of my ethical, moral and spiritual values that are based on the construct of letting nature take its class and non holding the promotions in engineering alter the manner kids were conceived from the clip adult male was made.

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