Incident A Matter of Priorities

9 September 2016

Thompson, production manager of Thompson Manufacturing, has the final authority when hiring any new supervisors. Sheila is currently looking to fill a position and having her Human Resources manager, Pete Peterson, do preliminary interviews to do the initial screening of applicants before being sent to her for final approval. Preliminary interviews are being conducted at the same time Sheila is having a very busy day. Pete Peterson has found a possible suitable young applicant by the name of Allen Guthrie that he would like Sheila to immediately see since Mr Guthrie is already on the premises.

Current Situation Sheila Thompson is already having a hectic day at her office. While a search for a suitable candidate out of the applicant pool to fill a supervising position is being conducted by the Human Resources manager, Pete Peterson, Ms. Thompson is busy at work taking multiple phone calls and handling business affairs for Thompson Manufacturing.

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Pete Peterson has contacted Sheila about a possible candidate he finds will make an excellent supervisor that she has been looking for.

Although Sheila is too busy to have in interview she agrees to see Mr. Guthrie immediately. During their interview Ms. Thompson has to take multiple phone calls and halt their interview progress. The duties she must attend to have come before the interview and Mr Guthrie, her applicant, many times. After another interruption Mr Guthrie has to leave in order to pick up his wife from work. The interview has not been completely, but Sheila has instructed Allen Guthrie to call her at another time. Answering the Questions

Sheila Thompson has been tasked with having the final approval of hired applicants when looking to fill a supervisor position. The applicants go through the normal procedure in order to make it through into a structured interview. A structured interview has the ability to “ increase reliability and accuracy by reducing the subjectivity and inconsistency of unstructured interviews”(Mondy 153). Her applicant who made it through the screening, Allen Guthrie, was advised he would be able to have an interview with Ms.Thompson immediately after his screening.

Sheila notably has been far too busy already to take on this take, being impromptu, but decided she would see the applicant in leu of her busy schedule. Sheila, being the production manager that she is should have realized it was not the time to conduct a structured interview with any applicant at that time. She simply could have instructed her Human Resources manager, Pete Peterson, that it would have been improper for the applicant and her current work situations.

Sheila should have made the executive decision to either commit herself to the interview, or schedule it for another day where she can put the invested time needed when conducting an interview for a possible supervisor. There were too many interruptions understand the applicant fully and give the interview the time it deserved to make an executive decision. Also, when a her attention, when able to be given, was on her applicant there were more pressing work concerns at hand at that time. Interviews should happen on a time when there would be a low impact on office hours and business.

For the future, a scheduled interview will cause a less of an business impact and she would be able to focus her attention on her applicant in order to make an executive decision if he is the right fit for the position. Sheila Thompson, being the production manager, makes the final approval for all her intended supervisors. Her Human Resources manager, Pete, makes the selection process and forwards them to Sheila for final approval. Pete may have an idea of what Sheila is looking for, but he can only try to find a right fit based on experience and record.

Since Sheila has the final approval she may be looking for something that Pete does not look for or screen for. Having Pete screen possible applicants will cut down on time spent for the production manager, who is obviously busy, but should be handled for employees not in the pool for a supervising position. If Sheila is the only manager able to make the final approval for supervisors, she should be the one running the selection process as well. If what Sheila is searching for, does not match what Pete screens for there it can waste precious company time and resources.

The selection process of choosing from a group of applicants the individual best suited for a particular position and the organization”(Mondy 138). Pete may very well reject an employee he may not find suitable for the position, while Sheila may have found the applicant perfect. In order for time and company efficiency it is in Sheila’s, and Thompson Manufacturing, that she do the selection process if she wishes to have the final approval as well. Conclusion Sheila Thompson never should agreed to conduct an impromptu interview in the manner that she had.

An interview is meant to find the perfect candidate suitable for the position in question and the company as a whole. With the interview performed how it was she was not able to perform her duties as a production manager or hiring manager for supervisors. If she had been in charge of the selection process for supervisor positions she could have allocated proper time to find the pool of candidates that fit her needs for the position as well as set up a proper time where she could conduct the interview without office distractions.

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