Incident Report

8 August 2016

On Nov 13th, I was sent to Helijet, Victoria by Director Darren Hasselhoff for an emergency of the government offices in the Department of Human Service. The emergent problem was assumed as malware-leading hacking and attacking at first and perplexed me yesterday. However, today I figured out that the problem is caused by the factory defect of network cards in their computers and solved it, then I returned right after that. I recommend that we making choices of installing hardware more carefully.

Background Yesterday morning DHS reported to us that they detected some extremely high data feeding from the network interface cards on some computer, like being downloading from outside the company, which may deal serious damage to the data security. They also found malwares in their computers. Therefore, Darren Hasselhoff arranged a helicopter to transport me to Helijet for DHS’s problem. I arrived there at about 12:35 AM. Incident

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In the first day I went DHS, Sissy Hofferer, DHS’s network administrator, described the detail of the problem: The Norton Symantec anti-virus and firewall detected two malware and deleted them, and then 13 of their new computers are flagged by security protocol as having incredible large amount of data being downloading. They considered this issue as an assaulting by hackers. When I started scanning, however, I actually found nothing had been downloaded from outside the company’s network, those malware are irrelevant and this firewall are unbroken.

My experience of maintaining told me that the problem is possibly related to the computers themselves, so today I tried to swap network cards between a compromised computer and a secure computer, as I did so, the different results of showing data downloading, swapped too. Then I totally confirmed the problem is about the network cards, solved it and came back to company. Outcome Following the incident I: Confirm the reason of the problem is that those network cards produce faulty I/O readings, and they are all parts of the new computers.

To avoid potential troubles in future, I asked a technician to remove the cards in all of the 20 new computers and to install by new ones. Approximately $200 were used from the company credit card – I kept all the receipts in case they are needed. Recommendation I suggest that our company should be more prudent in choosing new hardware to install in some kinds of “roll out” and consider more about stability, and if we have to use new gears, at least debug them after installing.

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