How many of you can truly say that they know what our ancestors went through in slavery. If your answer was yes, kind of, or maybe so, that is wrong. No one could know what they went through except for the people who were slaves because you weren’t there and you don’t know. I use to think that I knew what the women, children, and men went through in slavery but I didn’t until I read Incidents In a life of a slave girl. Jojoba’s purpose for writing Incidents In a life of a slave girl was to show other women how she was treated and how hard It was to escape the gasp slavery had on her.

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Think of a time when you thought everything was alright but then figuring out that It’s not, how would you deal with that. Just think about It. Imagine yourself about the age of 10 or 1 1 years old In back In slavery reader how would you feel, especially a women a vulnerable target for abuse. Although Incidents In a life of a slave girl by Harriet Jacobs was my favorite African American History nonfiction book. I learned that Just because something seems good doesn’t mean It always Is. Incidents In a life of a slave girl was talking about how Jacobs starts her story at age ix.

She’s a happy kid, living with her mom and dad, both of whom are skilled, educated, and light-skinned slaves. The next few years are all right, too. Her mom dies, but she goes to live with her mother’s young mistress, a pretty nice lady (for a slave-owner) who teaches Linda how to sew and read. Now things go downhill after her mistress dies, twelve-year-old Linda has to go live with a new mistress, five-year old Emily Flint. She went through her childhood taking care of her little brother since her parent’s had passed away.

She grew up wishing that she could be free. Her sisters had promised their grandmother that they would be free but a last they weren’t Jacobs and her brother were

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now under the control of Dry. Flint’s daughter who really didn’t ask that much of Jacobs. Things started to go wrong when Jojoba’s hits puberty and Dry. Flint started to whisper gross things into her ear; he writes her dirty notes and even builds a secret cabin to be their love nest, ewe. Jacobs grew up trying to avoid Dry. Flint’s creep meter, but nothing worked.

So of course like any teenager would do she thought up a plan. That if she has to have sex it’s not going to e with Dry. Flint it’s going to be with this unmarried white man Mr.. Sands. They have sex she gets pregnant thinking Dry. Flint is going to sell her but he doesn’t and now she is still a slave and so is her child. Dry. Flint now is trying to reason with her why saying if you have a sexual relationship with me you will (by this point she has two kids) free. But downside to that was she would have to go live with his son on his plantation.

But wait Jacobs has a secret plan, so she takes the offer and heads to the plantation and in no time is out of there and In a crawlspace In her grandmothers heed where she can peek through a tiny hole and she her two beautiful children Benny and Ellen. The space that she Is In Is so small that she can’t even stand up straight so becomes cripple from stooping In that small crawlspace. Now she figures that Dry. Flint will think that she Is New York and go search for her there. Dry. Flint makes trip after trip to New York bothering her family and friends trying to Jacobs back and keeps her kids at his side thinking that she will come back for them.

Now It has been seven years she has been hiding. Eventually friends and family help Jacobs hen she hears that Dry. Flint has died and left Jacobs and her children in the hands of a new master who is trying to find her as well. At this point Mrs.. Bruce secretly arranges to buy the freedom of Jacobs and her children for a sum of money. And now decades of bondage are over. The intrigue women’s autobiography, incidents in a life of a slave girl, by Harriet Jacobs which takes place in New York and Boston during the sass is about a young woman named Linda Brent who is trying to get out of her master in order to be free.

Incidents in a life of a slave girl were very inspiring. It showed how even back then girls went through the hardships of becoming some mans chew toy. I felt as if this story was speaking straight to women and girls because no matter what year you’re in whether it be the sass or 2013 women and girls have to go through men and guys trying to make at pass at you whether you like it or not whether you want it or don’t. Some girls struggle with when they hit puberty either a stranger is trying to pick you up or even closer to home where a relative to trying to dirty and sexual things to you.

Incidents in a life of a slave girl was basically align about the same thing but worse she was in slavery so she had no rights and whatever a man wanted to with her they could and she couldn’t anything about it were as for now we are free and we still have that problem were they think they can take advantage of us and get away with it and sometimes that is true but in the end justice is always serve to the right person who deserves it. How many of you can say that if you were back in Jacobs time you could survive the cruel way women and girls were treated and if yes I liked to see you try.

Most people think when a women or girl n sexually salted they brought it on themselves, well that’s not true it gives no one no rights to go and abuse someone Just because you may feel like it no! If you wanted to abuse someone go abuse yourself take whatever anger you have inside on yourself don’t go and take it out on someone else who didn’t deserve it. Incidents was a difficult book to read to me because it was hard for me to read about how much pain she went through and how she suffered in slavery. Reader this is only my opinion for this book review and my opinion only. This book had a very good impact on me.

I earned things I never knew about women in slavery and even men. Sometimes I use to think that women in slavery were treated well but I soon learned that they weren’t. When you go through life think that everything is always going to be k, and then you’re setting yourself up not being prepared for the hardships life will bring. “If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain, if I can ease one life the aching, or cool one pain, or help one fainting robin unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain. ” So I leave with this although you may think that everything is alright but in the end it really isn’t.

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