Inclusion – An Educational Question

4 April 2015
This paper addresses the issue of whether mentally and physically disabled children should be allowed into mainstream school systems.

This paper uses autism as an example of a disability and addresses the issue of allowing children with limited physical and mental capabilities to be allowed into a regular school system. It analyzes laws and legislation which have recently been passed and especially looks at the concept of “Inclusion” which encourages these children to be part of the mainstream education system.
From the paper:

“The Green Paper, Excellence in Education (1997) describes autism as a condition that disrupts the development of social and communication skills. Those effected by autism are socially isolated from the rest of mainstream society. Children and adults have difficulty relating to others. They do not often develop friendships and they have difficulty relating to the feelings of others. They need order in their life and develop strange behaviors in order to cope with the daily stresses of life. ”

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