Increasing use of Medical Marijuana Medical Marijuana can be very helpful for people with certain medical problems. These medical problems can be depression, anxiety, severe pain, muscle spasticity, nausea, and sleep disturbances (R. Lamarine, 2012). Some other medical benefits of marijuana is that it helps with relieving symptoms of major medical problems. Cancer. HIWAIDS. multiple sclerosis. anorexia. and gastrointestinal Illnesses are some of these medical issues that it can help. While It has many benefits, It also has a number of Issues.

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Many people are concerned with some economic problems. Property owners are having a hard time deciding whether they want to allow the activity of selling medical marijuana. Landlords can be sued If they ban It in residential areas and they can face many legal issues from the government for allowing it. The dispensaries can be legal in the states but It is still not legal according to the government Cournal of Property Management 2012). These dispensaries can help profit local business by simple buying the supplies they need to operate from them.

They also need increased surveillance which means more law enforcement and that means more Job openings (Nursing News 2013). Most of these places have not attracted a criminal clientele so far but you can never be sure something will not happen. The government needs to agree with the states and come to an agreement about the decision on whether or not to allow the use of medical marijuana. If this was to appen there would be less issues and It would make it easier on the patients who needs It.

This means a patient will need to meet certain criteria before being allowed to be prescribed this drug. The fact that this drug is safer than using pills as a medication should be enough for the government to at least look at the idea. It is proven that there have been many deaths due to overdoses from 2. Pain pills and not one single case of overdose from marijuana. This would be enough evidence for me so why Is the government not even considering making It legal?

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