Indelible Bravery

1 January 2019

What does a tattoo represent to society in present times? To some people it represents drugs, gangs, and prostitution, but for me it represents passion. When I was fifteen years old I did the craziest thing of my life, but at the same time, the best decision I have ever made. Even though many people have replied me, and have asked why did I take that decision at such verdant age? I just answer them: There is no immaturity when it is about your body. You might be curious about what am I talking about. What “terrible” and thing did I do to my body? Well, I got a tattoo. I was thinking of getting one for months, but I was not brave enough to actually get it. I asked my parents if I could get one, and as soon as they heard the word “tattoo” they repelled it. They said that a doctor with a tattoo has no prestige, and looks vulgar.

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Even though many people have the same utopian point of view of what a professional should look like, I question their point of view. Why is it that most members of society see body art as something disgusting? Why a doctor with a tattoo cannot have the same prestige as a doctor without one? What murky “magical power” does a tattoo possess that decreases your capacity, morals, and intelligence? I knew the consequences that were coming if I was to get one. However, I did not care if people criticized my “feckless” decision. I believed in myself, I knew who I was, and what I wanted to become. I was determined to get it. The design needed to be something significant to me, something that would make me look beyond every negative aspect of my life. It was music, and to me there is nothing better than the sound of different notes settling in my ear, and embracing every inch of my body and soul. It drives me crazy, up until a point where I become pleasantly dependent on everything music stands for. And so, it came to me, the G clef would become the newest part of me. I will never forget when I articulated those simple but decisively words that will mark me forever, “I want a G clef”. As I let time go by, after a banal school day, I went to the tattoo parlor to get my personal mark, with the determination of decorating my skin. In the act I felt pain, anxiety, joy, but I never felt regret. The small needle penetrated my skin like a delicate fabric, so easily and effortless. Its sound was irritating me, so I forced my brain to get into a state of completely blankness where nothing, not even the pain, could perturb me. Then the uncomfortable sensation of a scar forming was the closure, but simultaneously it was becoming the hook for a nouvelle chapter in my life. The closure for a decision made, the hook for a story of confrontation and respect. That was the first time I took an indelible decision by myself, that was going to affect my whole life. I was conscious of the consequences and rejection, but I also considered my personal advantages. I knew that as soon as my parents find out what I have done, they will not punish me, they will not make me take it out with those expensive laser surgeries, but they will only give me that look of deception that all kids are afraid to receive. I had and have to confront society face to face all by myself, but I am not afraid, because I believe in my actions and my ideologies. The tattoo not only represents my passion and ambition towards music, but also my independence, security and bravery.

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