Independence and Me

Being born as an Indian is a prestigious honour for me. I feel extremely elated when I possess and feel the patriotism towards my self-reliant country which was an English colony for long and tiring two hundred years. Being a student; often referred to as the future of the nation; it is my utmost responsibility to pay back the interest of the investment which the country had made on me by feeding and nurturing me.
As an economics student I got this opportunity to study and analyse the economic history of India. Before the colonisation; the Indian subcontinent had a strong economic base. Trade flourished. But the land was soon invaded. By the advent of the British Raj; India never witnessed such a success. The Indian resources were taken under the British monopoly; the Indians were treated as apathy.
Since my childhood I have always been taught about the Indian freedom struggle, the economic setback and the political instability. Therefore, now as I am at the verge of completing my schooling, my main objective to study further is to do justice to my country.
According to my philosophy, the more educated a society is; the more developed and civilised it is. The society’s performance in the urban areas is doing pretty well. But still there is a drawback; and that is; the increasing number of crime against females. On the other hand; the rural areas still lack behind. More than 60 per cent of the rural population are engaged in agriculture. Many people carry this misconception that it means that they cannot survive in the cities and that is why they work in the farms. But I think differently. India is blessed with favourable geographic conditions for agriculture and hence the country must invest in this sector. We have already witnessed a success christened ‘The Green Revolution’. But to carry out with that success is what I am looking forward to. By educating the farmers about what is good for their farms, we can achieve glorious results.
If we lean a bit towards the health and sanitation aspect of the nation; we see depressing results. The resources are less, the population is more. To educate people about family planning is the need of the hour. As we all have already observed that the medical facilities here in India are not up to the mark; and that what I mean to say is; the number of super-speciality hospitals in India are handful. Therefore it necessary now to follow a renowned saying; that is; ‘Prevention is better than Cure’. In other words by educating people that smoking and chewing tobacco is injurious to health, exercising is good for health, and so on might help to elongate the lifespan of a person. Workers in good health contributes more towards the development.
Similarly, by educating people about the need to follow the rules and regulations, law and order will lead to smooth functioning on an institution. Till now, as we have seen that how imperative education is; both in a personal as well as a political and economic level; I aim at developing my carrier in the field of education which will simultaneously serve my motherland India.
At present I am sixteen years of age; and within no time I will be eighteen. The Indian government allows me both; the right to get married and the right to vote; at the age of eighteen. Many ‘newly adult girls’ are pushed by their parents to get married at put a halt at all their ambition. Thankfully I am blessed with liberal parents and they will not do anything of similar sorts with me. I am right now just observing and getting pregnant with the potentials in my society so that I can take the advantage of ‘Universal Adult Franchise’ with optimum enthusiasm.

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