Independence for women

5 May 2017

Independence of women Speaking of women’s independence, people will think of the image that women determined to fght with men in workplace. This is widely recognized in our life. In fact, the independence not only mean argue with men in the career, it’s about women find their own position or not. So independence is a self-understanding because it may decide you can get more personal benefit from the economic, ideological or social, and it will make you have a good attitude and new values. Women should be economically independent, and then they have qualified to talk about respect or quality.

In order to make a living, unmarried women can’t put hopes on marry the rich men. Many girls who always rely on rich men, over time, those men may feel tired. Because of economic problems, the girls’ boyfriend will have contradiction with you. If there are more and more conflicts, your feeling will fade.

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Moreover, Women should keep their own Job or still have economic source when they married. In “chocolate” movie, Josephine because of her identity has problem. She had to rely on her husband. His husband thought her life was saved by him. So he hit and humiliated her all the time.

She can’t get respect or equality in her family. Ideology determines women’s behavior, so only being able to form their own opinions, it will make you behavior gets more approval from others. Women’s behavior is their expression of ideology. People often said, wonderful thinking, wonderful life. In “chocolate” movie, the heroine has her own opinions. She always did everything according to her ideas. Finally she got more attention and help people change old opinions. Besides, Ideology affects women’s relationships with others. Even some men like give women suggestions or ideas.

If women have different mind to share with them, they may be amazed at women’s thinking, and also will praise women. Social independent make women adapt to social development and change, and it leads you have more improve. Women easy to lost goal or mind in the constantly changing society. Women can’t expect someone can give you ideas. In “the namesake” movie, the heroine’s husband always stays with her, and helps her figure out problems. When she lost her husband, she didn’t know how to continue the rest of live. Social independence can attract more attention from others.

In “chocolate” ovie, because of the leading lady was good at independent living, it makes people pay attention to her. Finally, they found, it leads their life to good direction. Therefore, it won more respect and love for her. All in all, women independence doesn’t mean completely dependent on others, it is women’s self-understanding because it can get more benefit, and it will get more love and attention from other people. So, economic, ideological or social independent is necessary for women. At the same time, I hope every woman have ability to independently, and they can play more and more important role in social life, including myself.

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