Indestructible Album by Disturbed

6 June 2019

What can I say? This band has been my favorite band of all time, I listen to Disturbed all the time! If you want to rock hard to some music, Disturbed is the band to go to. Today I am gonna tell you guys/girls my thoughts of one of Disturbeds top album: Indestructible. This album has peaked number 1 on the billboard charts when it was first out in 2008! It has some amazing songs but I want to touch on 2 of the best songs in the album! First one is the main song of the Album: Indestructible, it starts off with some background noise, guns blasting! planes flying and then the beat hits! The song is about being untouchable in a war situation. This song is really for the people who are playing a game/going to war that need to get hyped and need confidence. The next song is named: Inside the Fire. This is more on the suicide side of music while still being heavy. This song is about dealing with a lost girlfriend, and the singer (David Draiman) is taking the point of view of the Devil and tries to make his younger self kill himself to join his lost girlfriend. It doesn’t sound like a good song but trust me, it is one of Disturbed’s best songs. And the solo in the middle of it is the greatest solos ever by Disturbed. That is all the songs on here I want to tell you guys/girls about! It is one of Disturbed’s best albums next to The Sickness. I highly recommend you to listen to a song of theirs or 2 and see if you really like them. Even if you don’t like Rock/Metal music, Disturbed is a really good band with some tracks not even being Rock! Check out Disturbed if you haven’t! You will not regret it.

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