India and China

4 April 2015
An analysis of the problems during Colonial times in India and China.

Although, certain apologists of colonialism have tried to depict colonial rule and influence as benign and even beneficial for the populations of “lesser” civilizations, the fact of the matter is that colonization of these countries was done for exploitative (economic), religious and strategic motives. This paper focuses on the problems that the two countries had to endure as a result of the colonial rule or influence, and the similarities and differences between their experiences. Issues such as the transfer of wealth, unfair trade, the opium wars and poverty are covered in the paper.
“Although poverty is still a shocking sight in India today, it was even worse during the colonial period. There were 31 serious famines during 120 years of direct British rule in India compared to 17 in the 2000 years before the British rule. (Mike Davis quoted in The Colonial Legacy). If you think this was due to rapid growth in population, you are wrong between 1870 and 1910, India’s population grew by 19% while England and Wales’s population grew by 58%. Most eyewitness accounts of India before the British colonization describe India as a rich country. (“From Trade to?”). The region is still struggling to climb out of crippling poverty after 200 years of colonial exploitation.”

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