India-Bangladesh Relations

1 January 2017

The non trade barriers, as pointed out by  Bangladesh Commerce Ministry, and cited  by the Daily Star include: 2  ? Laboratory  tests  in  Bangladesh,  especially  for  food  products,  cosmetics,  and  leather  and  textiles  products. ? Packaging requirements  ? Inadequate  infrastructure  facilities  such  as  warehousing,  transshipment  yard, parking yard and   ? Connecting  roads  at  land  customs  stations  also  hinder  exports  from  Bangladesh;  the  land  border  trade  is  subject to very serious administrative  constraints  in  Bangladesh.

The¬† most¬† important¬† of¬† the¬† Customs¬† posts¬† with¬† comprehensive¬† Customs¬† clearance¬† powers¬†is¬†at¬†Benapole,¬†which¬†borders¬† Petrapole¬† on¬† the¬† Indian¬† side¬† and¬† which¬† is¬† on¬† main¬† roads¬† linking¬† Kolkata¬†with¬†Jessore¬†and¬†Dhaka. As¬† per¬† the¬† report¬† by¬† Bangladesh¬† Commerce¬† Ministry,¬† trade¬† barriers¬† include:3¬† Sajjadur Rahman, ‚ÄúAnalysts urge India to erase trade barriers to Bangladesh‚ÄĚ

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