India Market

1 January 2017

This is an analyze report about how MAYBELLINE entry into India market. First of all I will introduce making-up market background of India based on the case materials. Next I will offer some issues which MAYBELLINE is going to meet on India making-up market. Especially, it’s uniform global marketing theme, which capitalize on the “New York” look and focus on young demographic, whether it still effective in India? and what price strategies are contributing for Maybelline in India market?

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After this I will present a SWOT analysis of a firm’s current situation and identify problems and opportunities. At last stage, I will give the solution ways and implementation plan to this case. Current background Maybelline is an American makeup brand sold worldwide and owned by L’oreal. Their slogan is Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline. In 1998, Maybelline was bringing into India market by Mr. Skingsley who is the managing director of L’oreal.

He said” India is the last major piece in the Asian jigsaw for us because the Maybelline brand has been in virtually every Asian country and India was the big gap in that puzzle. Indeed, India has already supported a national brand leader in cosmetics field, Lakme Lever. The trend of consumer expenditure on cosmetics and toiletries has growth in the period 1994 through 1998 in India, meanwhile the Indian soap and Toiletries Makers felt that Indian market was facing phenomenal opportunities to increase the low levels of product penetration. Case issue For an international brand expand the India market, its government has quantitative restrictions on imports in the years from 1947 to 1991.

Such as, the import and export policies need license, the high excise duty for cosmetics and toiletries, and the import tariff asked 90 percent. The seconde issues is competitive landscape. In local India’s colour cosmetics market, the competitors are very strong, the heading competitors,

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