Indian Cuisine and Malaysian Local Delicacies

7 July 2016

1. Local Delicacies

Malaysian local delicacies is one of the most diverse and unique cuisine among all the Asian food for three reasons. Firstly is the bursting myriad of flavours of Malay cuisine that is succulent, tender and fragrant. For example is the national dish nasi lemak, spicy and succulent beef or chicken rendang and roti jala, best served with some sambal and chicken curry that can really stimulate your appetite. Second is the heritage of fiery and spicy flavours of Indian food such as tandoori chicken, the flaky and flavoured with ghee paratha bread, and the roti canai which can be eaten either alone or along with the curry. And also do not forget the famous nasi biryani, which has never failed to satisfy your appetite. Last but not least is the simple stir fry technique of Chinese cuisine to tantalize your taste buds. For example is the char kuey teow with clams, beansprout and prawns, yong tau foo with soup or thick dark gravy and the Cantonese special cuisine, dim sum. To conclude, Malaysian local delicacies is one of the most diverse and unique delicacies to both local and abroad people. [190 words]

Indian Cuisine and Malaysian Local Delicacies Essay Example

2. My Darling Pet

Not so long ago when I was still in high school, I used to have a bunch of pets with assorted personalities, back then before my family and I moved to Putrajaya. Kuning, our very first pet was a timid cat when we first saw her sitting on top of kitchen’s wall. She was very lovely but always put her guard up and avoid every time we tried to approach her. We often found her just sit quietly on top of the wall, enjoying the view from up there. Eventually, she became our pet and had given birth to a bunch of adorable kittens since then. One of her kittens that happened to grow up to be a smart ‘lady-like’ cat was Putih. Putih was very polite and obedient. She used to wake my mother up every dawn, poking on my mother’s feet with her cute paws. On the other hand, her ‘half-brother’ Tompok or Tom for short was a very naughty cat. He has a weird habit of climbing up on our shoulder before eventually bite our head. I guess that is his way of showing us that he just being friendly. To conclude, no matter what their personalities are, my darling pets had never failed to filled my heart with joy in a once upon a time. [219 words]

3. Ideal Holiday Destination

Each year thousands of people wish to spend their vacations holidaying either locally or abroad. There are many ideal holiday destinations with exquisite panoramas in the world. Out of those, Turkey is my most preferred destination for ideal holiday because of the natural beauties, diverse cultures and food. First of all, Turkey is the ideal vacation spot because of its natural beauties. For example, Pamukkale, meaning “cotton castle” in Turkish is an extraordinary place by virtue of its outstanding natural phenomena- balmy, profoundly mineralized water that elegantly cascading from springs and creating pools and terraces which are visually spectacular. Located in Denizli Province in south western Turkey, it is a mesmerizing place to visits. Beyond that, Turkey is the ideal holiday destination because of its culture.

4. My Neighbourhood

I grew up in typical neighbourhood but the warmth feeling of the neighbourhood atmosphere makes it a nice place to live in. Firstly, it is safe to the presence of people day and night. Kids can play outside without any problems. There are night guard systems consists of a group of adult male residents and each group will take turned every night to make sure nothing like theft or burglary occur in our neighbourhood. Furthermore, everyone can walk around the neighbourhood without being afraid of someone might harm us since the neighbourhood is secure. I also like how people know each other in my neighbourhood. Everyone watch out for each other and they are always open to lend any help. Even though it has the regular noise of any place, there are times when you can hardly hear any noises. Of course, when all the kids got home from school, there will be more noises. But still, it is relatively quiet all day in my neighbourhood. In brief, my neighbourhood is really a great place to live. It is secure, was not too noisy, and most of all, the neighbours are very helpful. There is no place like home and that is my neighbourhood. [204 words]

5. A Friend

A friend would be the people in my life that have known me like forever. And among all those people is Huda, my classmates from high school. We have been friends for so long until today. Huda is very tall and people can really recognize her among the crowds. She has got an oval face with big bright eyes, a high nose and a small mouth, with a cute mole on the upper of her lips. Huda is very bubbly and is easy to get along with. She is helpful, caring and honest. When her friends have difficulties, she always tries her best to help them. Although we nearly have the same tastes and interests, we have some different characters. I am quite reserved, timid and do not talk much. Unlike me, Huda is very friendly and enjoys telling jokes. However there is mutual trust and a perfect sympathy between us, so we easily becoming close friends. She likes to encourage me whenever I am down. She once told me not to be someone else, because that what makes me who I am. In short, Huda is really a true friend. And I think as time goes by, our friendship will be deeper and I hope we can be friend forever. [211 words]

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