Individual Informative Speech

9 September 2016

Oxygen is the one of molecules in chemistry that are use to breath. B. Water or more popular with H2O use to bath, drink and cook. II. According to article of Everyday Chemistry in the World around Us, our body contains a chemical compound which is combination of element. III. I will explain about important of chemistry in heatlth, food and clothes. Body I. Chemistry compound usually use to prepare a food or to make a food more tasted. A. As explain in the 2010 The Society of Flavour Chemist, to prepare a quality of food, process in making a food must be consider. . Food chemists develop and improve foods and beverages, analyze methods of heat processing, canning, freezing, and packaging. 2. Chemistry process can identify a food contains what kind of nutrition. B. Monosodium glutamate use for food becomes more tasted. 1. Sodium glutamate or MSG with the molecular formula C5H8NO4Na , is the sodium salt that one of the most abundant naturally occurring non-essential amino acids. 2. Even in small quantity, MSG can made our food delicious and MSG important in preparation of food in hotel and restaurants.

II. Chemistry can give a big benefit in aspects of health. A. Chemistry element and molecules is used to prepared medicine. 1. Drug is used in many kind of medicine. Acetylsalicylic acid used in made up paracetemol. 2. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the one of the machine that shows important of chemistry in health. B. Supplement like Vitamin C and Vitamin B is molecules of chemistry. 1. Vitamin C is important to make sure our skin becomes beauty. 2.

Individual Informative Speech Essay Example

Vitamin B is used in activities of an enzymes and protein which regulates the chemical reaction in our body. III. Clothes are made up from several of chemistry element and compound. A. Colour that used for our clothes. 1. Prepared by textile printing that bonded with fibres which one of the chemical compound. 2. To make our clothes more colourful. B. Fabric used many chemical compounds like sodium hydroxide and sodium disulphite. 1. Fabric is important thing in our life to protect our skin from UV or sunlight. Conclusion

I. As we have seen, chemistry have a very important role in our daily life. II. Chemistry can help us to make our life becomes more easy. References Helmestine, A. M. (n. d. ). Everyday chemistry in the world around us. Retrieved from http://chemistry. about. com/od/everydaychemistry/tp/Chemistry-In-Daily-Life. htm Tomasino, C. (2011). Chemistry and technology of fabrics. (1 ed. , p. 122). North Carollina: W. H Freeman. Smith. J. G. (2011). Organic Chemistry. (3 . ed, p. 331). New York : Publish by McGraw-Hill.

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