7 July 2016

Perhaps the tendency toward individualism has never been more manifest than it is now. Apparently, people are significantly overwhelmed by self-oriented and snobbish life style. This fact has posted a contentious issue associated to whether humans need to revive moral and traditional values. Personally, I am of the opinion that reshaping the bygone concept of family and community is of paramount importance based on the undermentioned justifications. In modern society, the rise of egoism has triggered a myriad of detrimental impacts on the family solidarity.

That only one member of a family is individualistic is likely to provoke the breakdown of the family unity. An old saying teaches us: “Blood is thicker than water”. Traditionally, family, the crib of each person, brings humans a sense of safety and invariably is deemed where people turn to first if confronted with the ups and downs in their life. People used to live with appreciation of an ethos of sharing and caring, but at present, the story is totally different. They engage in working separately for their personal merits in the absence of human ethics, showing ignorant attitude towards both tangible and emotional support from family.

Individualism Essay Example

Another drawback of egoism can be noticed in the way people behave in community. So hoggish are some people that they desire to enrich themselves thanks to unlawful activities. The fact shows that regardless of human safefy, many businesspeople are willing to producing disqualified products and cajoling people into buying what they do not actually need. More importantly, they refuse to plough back any fraction of handsome incomes to the community well being. In the society, relationship among people is prone to become superficial, transient and ad hoc.

It comes as no surprise when people remain onlookers and express indifferent attitude when asked for assistance by neighbors. In the light of the above-discussed arguments, one can subscribe to a notion that social solidarity has been dismantled in front of overwhelming egoism. Greedy and self-centered character of one individual may lead to grave problems. It is highly recommended that the whole society and each family should never give up on the current society, striving to reconstruct and reshape the codes of ethics as well as concepts of human values. Hence, our world will regain its truly enduring values.

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