Industrial Pollution

5 May 2016

Go green. This saying may be overused and many people think that it’s just pure advertising but it is completely necessary and important. Industrial pollution means contamination due to industries. Industry contributes to many types of pollutants to the environment. They are mainly in gas, water, and solid forms and they can cause severe problems to the bio systems.

Industrial Pollution Essay Example

Industries are the main problem of pollution because people buy products that factories produce. Factories generate pollutants divided into three major categories specifically gas, solid, and water.

New regulations are promoting the implementation of environmental friendly technologies and integrated pollution management strategies such as end of pipe technology. This is an approach to pollution control that focuses on the filtration of the waste that is discharged from factories, industries, etc.

Many countries are affected by pollution and face different problems. In developed countries the environmental burden caused by industries is very substantial.

For developed and developing countries, technology based industries created more problems because of the use of toxic material in their procedures that can cause soil and water contamination (Handbook, Beijing, pg. 4). Many factories dump their waste materials in their closest surroundings.

The problem with environmental protection is that industrial growth may be the best way to direct research and development to obtaining a sustainable environment. For this the industries would need clean, non-contaminated areas and they are difficult to find (Handbook, Beijing, pg. 4).

The traditional toxins and the newly found both work well together which makes the environment protection a lot harder to resolve. The usual industries in developed countries are steel mills, mining activities, textile industries, tanneries and pulp and paper industries (Handbook, Beijing, pg.4).

Industrial air pollution is mostly the emission of gaseous substances created by evaporation, chemical reactions and faucet discharges. The main air contaminants from industrial pollution include gaseous emissions and particulate emissions.

Finding clean water has always been a problem especially for the isolated poor. Drinking water has become the villain for many and has been named “the greatest poisoning in human history” (Kinley & Hossain, 2003, pg.22). Hand pumps help rural families avoid diseases in their local water source. More than sixty percent of the wells in a sub district of Bangladesh are contaminated with arsenic and unsafe to drink from.

Many people still drink from the wells and alternatives cost time and money (Kinley & Hossain, 2003, pg. 23). A lot of countries clearly need more and better science for identifying water supply solutions (Kinley & Hossain, 2003, pg. 26).

Filtration systems lose their use over time as the filtering process is flooded and the detained arsenic then must be suitably thrown away without contaminating the environment (Kinley & Hossain, 2003, pg.27). This process is very difficult for them because the poor don’t have the ability to do so.

The economic development in the world is based on industries. The problem with that is that the industries pollute and cause damage to the environment and people. There are two ways through which pollution can be reduced. One is to reduce the consumption of the polluting product and the other is to use treatments of wastes, discharges and disposals of a pollutant.

It is almost impossible and economically impractical to remove pollution form the environment with today’s technology. After there are contaminants in the air they are stuck floating around. Research suggests that preventing pollution during the production process by reducing use of pollutants or implementing low-use techniques actually increases efficiency and financial performance of private corporations by an additional 5 to 8 percent over five years (King & Lenox, 2002).

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