10 October 2016

Outline the three decision-making processes, methods, or models found through websites or other online resources. Each team is required to: • Present a summary of your findings to the class. • Compare and contrast the mission, vision, and values for each type of organization. While research various methods and processes to decision making I came across an article related to the DECIDE model for decision making.

The steps are as follows: 1. D = define the problem. 2. E = establish the criteria. 3. C = consider all the alternatives. 4. I = identify the best alternative. 5. D = develop and implement a plan of action. 6. E = evaluate and monitor the solution and feedback when necessary (Kristina L. Guo PhD, 2008). Step 1 essentially is defining what the problem is, why the problem exists, and why the problem needs to be resolved.

Step 2 when making a decision on how to fix issues within any organization there must be a list of criteria that should be met such as the organization’s mission and customer satisfaction. Step 3 There always needs to be a plan B, it is important to discuss all options within the organization on how reduce problems, risks, and how quality can excel. Step 4 Identify the best alternatives, this is the process by which the organizations reviews all alternatives and identifies the ones that best fit the needs of the organization and consumers.

Step 5 Plan of action would include developing a plan and course of action on the problem resolution which would include implementation of rules and regulations to ensure resolution for the present and future. Step 5 the evaluation phase is the phase where managers would monitor the rule and regulation implementation to ensure these are follow by employees, during this phase the manager would provide feedback on performance and how the issue is being resolved.

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