Infant Observation

1 January 2017

For the infant observation, I chose a 10 months old baby girl named Riya. Riya is a full term baby with a birth weight of 7lb and 6oz, and a height of 19 inches. Her heart rate, pulse, appearance, and activities are normal at the time of birth. Riya is living with her father, mother and one elder brother. Her grandparents are here visiting from India. I asked Riya’s parents permission to observe her and they happily agreed for the observation. The mom told me that, she would call me on Saturday either morning or afternoon depending upon Riya’s sleep schedule.

She called me around 11. 30, and mentioned that Riya just woke up from her sleep. The mom told me she is going to feed Riya next, and after that Riya will play with her brother. So I started driving to Riya’s house, which is in Sunnyvale just 10mins away from where I live.

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When I reached Riya’s house it was 11. 45am on Saturday morning. It was a beautiful morning. Riya was in a high chair in the kitchen. The grandma was feeding to Riya. I went quietly and stood few steps away from the grandma. Riya looked at me. Then the grandma started talking to Riya. She then turned back to the grandma.

She boiled rice, dhal, carrot, beans, potato, tomato with salt and grinded, and added little ghee with the mashed rice. Riya seems to like that food and when grandma says “uh” bringing the spoon near Riya’s mouth, she opened her mouth and swallowed the food. Riya’s fingers were banging on the high chair table, while legs kept constantly kicking. I noticed Riya is expecting grandma to talk and interact with her each spoon. After I went, for the first spoon, the grandma told “Chellakutty” open your mouth, Riya’s hands hit the high chair table, and leg kicked in the air.

While bringing the second spoon, the grandma said “En kannulaa”, and then jumped with joy “nga, ngaa”. Riya’s grandma brought the third spoon to Riya while talking to her mom, Riya looked at her mom and did not open her mouth. Then Riya’s grandma told, “Oh, you want me to talk to you, not your mommy” and gave the next spoon, this time Riya smiled and opened her mouth and took the food. When the bowl is ? done, Riya seemed to slower down started to looking down from the side of her high chair. The grandma gave one more spoon Riya did not open her mouth and started to look again down.

The grandma made a noise like an airplane coming down that sounded like this,”zzzzzzzzzzz. ” Then Riya smiled and opened her mouth. Two more spoons went like that. After that Riya was looking down from the high chair and did not turn at the food. Then the grandma stopped. Riya’s mom came, took her bib off, cleaned her and took her out from the high chair. Riya’s mom brought Riya to the living room, and kept her in the mat. I moved from the living room and stood away from Riya. She was sitting up in the mat. Her legs were moving back and forth more like kicking.

Riya’s brother, who is 6yrs old, was waiting for this moment to play with Riya. He brought a baby keyboard toy, a steering wheel baby toy, a battery operated shape toy and a teething ring, which the boy told me that was Riya’s favorite one. Riya was looking at her brother, smiling. Her legs started moving fast back and forth, and arms were in clapping position. The boy made the music with the steering wheel toy. Some colored lights came and the toy started talking “Let’s ride on the bus”. The boy was steering the wheel and Riya was looking at the toy and the boy and kept smiling made the noise ‘nka, nkaaa’.

Riya touched the toy, and then moved to the teething ring. She grabbed the teething ring and started biting that. Riya’s brother hugged her. Riya turned to him and smiled at him, while biting the ring. Since Riya was enjoying this, her brother hugged her little tightly. I think this made Riya uncomfortable and started crying. Then the mom came and took Riya, kept her in her shoulder and starting patting. Riya Slowly calm down. After this she left Riya down, she started crawling and reached the family room.

She turned back and smiled at her mom, caught the TV cabinet and slowly stood up, she turned back and smiled at her mom and grandma again. Riya used her fingers and started banging on the TV cabinet, while turned back and looked at her mom. Then she crawled fast and got the toy chest edge with her fingers and stood up again. Since Riya’s family planned to go out, I ended my observation. The time was 12. 35pm. Physical and Motor development of Riya: Riya has good control of lifting her chest, rolling, sitting, moving, and crawling. Riya could hold up of an object and stand up and walk with her toes.

Riya has good control of her arm, she could clap with her hands, could hold on or grab an object tightly. She has a good control of her leg movement also. Riya has fine pincer control also. Cognitive Development of Riya: From the observation of her eating time, I noticed that she has a good taste, smell and temperature and texture quality. She needs her food to be warm. Riya could see objects from distance. As far as the language Riya could clearly identify all her family members voices and could distinguish between them. She is making sounds like “nga, mmmaaa” .

Social Development of Riya: Riya is social with her family. I was a quite observer only, and not interacted with her. She was very happy with her brother and mommy’s voices. Riya is yet to start the daycare in two months. Emotional development: As far as the emotions Riya was happy, sad, cried, calm, disgusted and frustrated for later part of the food. Over all I had a great experience of watching an infant’s behavior. All this time I was a quite observer and not interacted with Riya. I thanked Riya’s parents, grandma and brother for their co-operation and left from there.

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