Infanticide: To Kill or Preserve Life For the Greater Good of Mankind.

4 April 2015
A discussion on abortion and anti-abortion perspectives in the United States.

The following paper looks at the ideals and ethics of infanticide and abortion with reference to religious perspectives, community opinions and historical views. The writer makes reference to legal cases and statistics showing the rise in abortion in the United States.
“Infanticide is the murder of children either before or after its birth, according to French Criminal Codes infanticide is only the murder of the infant after its birth therefore the death of a new born baby, however within the English legal system it is classified as the destruction of life from conception to the age of three years old (Walsh PG).
Infanticide normally happens when the food supply is limited, this can be seen to occur within Chinese and Eskimo communities. Moreover, female infanticide is more common especially within strong patriarchal communities, and also within communities where a child is deformed or touched by evil, for example twin, these may be slain at birth (Anonymous PG).”
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