Influence of computers

6 June 2017

Influence of computers Most people think that computers are Just a modern convenience, which Is true, but when thought about, It has influenced almost every part of daily life. Since the inventions of computers, they have eased work in almost every section of Ife including society and in the military. The first computer could be an argument In and of Itself. If the definition Is a machine for performing calculations. hen the abacus would be considered the first computer, but f the definition is a machine for performing calculations automatically, hen the Zl made by German scientist Konrad Zuse would be considered the first programmable computer. As the computer progressed, RAM (rapid access memory) was introduced in MIT’s Whirlwind In 1955. In 1975 Ed Roberts coined the term personal computer when he introduced the Altair 8800. (Odom) This computer was first sold for $1,750.

As the computer industry grew, companies were needed to equalize prices and competition, and with the release of the apple 1 Invented by Steve Wosniak helped equalize all of that The technology of computers kept growing nd people wanted to own a computer, but they were too big, averaging 500 miles of wire each, and with the invention of the Apple Lisa computer, people could own a computer without most of the set up. The Apple Lisa computer was the first computer with GIJI, Graphic user Interface, which made computers more user friendly.

Since the invention of computers, they have been widely distributed through out the world and have been made by many different companies. Though many people think that a lot of people have a computer, only about of the people In the orld have a computer, but In 2009, 78% of all households In america have a computer (Kirby). But computers have completely changed the way we live. There are 3D programs to help lay out and design a house to the inch, they have been used to pay bills and shop on line, and believe It or not, you can download music while driving a car.

One major influence that computers have made Is that they have changed the way that everyone works. Studies shows that about 85% of all Jobs now use computers (Chabrow). With computers in the workforce, preforming calculations and arranging and finding information easier. Computers have also majorly Influenced the way that the military has been operated. With the development of computers, the military has been able to make advances in the ability to seek out bombs and GPS tracking. Though they still use dogs to sniff out bombs and mines, they have used remote controlled cars to find these bombs.

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