Influence of Internet on Students’ Academic Performance

1 January 2017

Introduction The Internet is one of the greatest recent advancement in the world of information technology and has become a useful instrument that has fostered the process of making the world a global village. It is the source of information that plays a significant role in the society especially among students. Based on the Merriam-Webster (2012), Internet is an electronic communications network that connects computer networks and organizational computer facilities around the world.

It provides an environment in which millions of people participate and engage in the creation and exchange of information (Rose & Fernlund, 1997). SEGi College Kuala Lumpur (SCKL) is one of the private colleges in Malaysia owned by SEGi Group. Strategically situated at the capital city of Malaysia, SCKL has nurtured and groomed thousands of graduates. The college has more than 6,000 students studying full-time and part time modes. As to encourage the use of Internet at the college it has provided 200 computers at computer lab for students’ use.

Influence of Internet on Students’ Academic Performance Essay Example

There has been an impact or perhaps an influence of the Internet among the student of SEGi College. Internet is important but we do not know how important it is to the student of SEGi College. We can see many of these students spending their time mostly on the Internet in the SEGi College’s computer lab itself. The computer lab will always be crowded at all times. It is important for us to study the advantages, disadvantage and the need of the internet towards these students.

The usage of internet is very wide and it is impeccable to see this student without the internet. Therefore, it is very vital for us to study the influence of Internet for these students. 1. 2 Problem Statement It is very hard to get information by using books and there is also limited info that can be found in books. The internet is universal perhaps if we put it that way. We can get lot of information from it very easily and this has save our time from looking into books.

Internet can also be over exposed because there is some student who uses the internet for unnecessary stuff and also to get some unbeneficial material. They go on the internet not to look for information but to go on social network sites to chat with friend and also to play games on the internet. Even if it helps them to communicate but certain people spend most of their time on these sites without studying and doing nothing. Some people also have lack of knowledge on using the Internet. . 3 Research Objective The main aim of the study is to examine the influence of the Internet on students’ academic performance in SEGi College. 1) To determine the purpose of using Internet by students 2) To investigate the positive impact of Internet towards their academic performance 3) To investigate the negative impact of Internet use towards their academic performance 1. 4 Significance Of The Study The research is to study how the internet works among these students.

Moreover, this study is to observe whether the Internet is able to improve their academic performance with the wide information on the Internet. The student can find Internet as a source of entertainment because there are many things that can be done for example to play games and listen to music. Thus, it would be beneficial to determine whether Internet is able to help these students loosen up or perhaps release their stress towards their daily lives.

From this study, it can be concluded whether parents agree with their kids being on the Internet most of their time. This is because Internet has already become part of their lives. Not only that, Internet can also be used as a means of communication. Thus, this study would be beneficial as to understand whether the Internet is a good form of communication between these students. The impact of the Internet towards the Y generation is crucial because it will help them to develop in such ways so that they will be able to adapt.

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