Influence of War on Middle Eastern Society

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the domestic effects of war on three countries, Israel, Syria and Egypt.

This paper contrasts and compares the effects of three different wars, on three different countries in the Middle East. The reasons for Egypt, Israel and Syria’s decisions to go to war at different times in the last century are discussed, and then analyzed to show how this decision affected the political and economic futures of the individual countries, and the region as a whole.
From the paper:

The Yom Kippur War thus fundamentally changed Syrian society, militarizing its government, just as the Six-Day War divided and energized Israel and World War II wove the foundations of socialism into Egypt. That these changes depended upon the presence of war is not a definitive fact, but their essential contribution to the development of these nations cannot be ignored. This conclusion raises a troubling question, a sad and desperate query tinged with hope: must all change in the Middle East spring from the dark bosom of horrific war?

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