Influences of Juran Trilogy

9 September 2016

Trilogy Nissan Motor Corp. redefined mass production and built its reputation around quality and reliability by paying attention to large and small details and following the Juran Trilogy applying the planning, Control and Improvement. Nissan builds a number of test vehicles and performs repeated running tests and simulated running tests to elevate production precision before they deliver a vehicle to the customer. To accurately respond to the market’s needs, collect as many faulty parts from the field as possible.

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After validating the condition of each part, they attempt to replicate the problem and determine its cause. Finally, they carry out an analysis using the most reliable methods possible. Once the cause is determined, they begin specific countermeasures. Nissan Corp. achieves quality assurance through a two-stage test that includes test drives and local evaluation. There are four main phases to creating and supplying a vehicle: planning, development, production and marketing/sales. The main element that influences the quality in Nissan Corp is “Control “.

Quality Control is a commitment in their business plan, and Nissan is putting in a lot of focus and effort to meet that commitment. Influences from the Juran Trilogy has been implemented in the company’s curriculum such as planning and improvement. In Nissan Corp. the quality curriculum plan is to increase quality-control training for its entire worker, so in this way we can say that they are complying with the Juran trilogy by working on planning then development a control phase.

The Center’s mission is to provide quality and design-based training to improve the capabilities of employees so that they are empowered to work from a customer first perspective. Nissan employees will learn from a curriculum of safety, design and quality control training to reinforce work methods and develop new work standards through benchmarking and continuous improvement processes. Also Nissan has been committed to set a global standard for the quality of the components from its suppliers’ base.

Also in this curriculum Nissan Corporation has made progress to help ensure that the customers can have complete confidence in the quality, safety and reliability of their vehicles, and their initiatives build on those accomplishments. Continuous efforts to strengthen vehicle quality and safety, and to respond swiftly and thoroughly to the customers’ concerns, are driven by a core values and will always be a fundamental part of the company. One of Nissan goals is to set new, even higher standards for quality and customer responsiveness in both the factory and the market by continuing to put customers first in everything they do.

Another elements of the Juran Trilogy on Nissan Corp, is the quality planning, by identifying internal and external costumers, determine costumer needs and develop product features which respond to customer needs, establishing goals for product features and developing a process to meet the product goals. In this way we can say that Nissan can prove than the process can meet the process goals under operating conditions. Works Cited Greimel, H. (2013, 3 18). Nissan shake-up aims to shore up quality, EVs.

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